Hutch Data Commonwealth

Hutch Data Commonwealth

What We Are Doing

Data-driven Science

HDC is a transformative initiative that aims to bring novel big data resources and analytics to the fingertips of all Hutch investigators. The goal is to enhance translational research and enable a new data-driven science by developing new competencies and collaborations.

Why We are Doing It

Enhance Research

Working with complex data requires a host of new skills and capabilities. Data engineering, wrangling, visualization, warehousing and analytics are skills needed across the data spectrum. The HDC aims to make these capabilities available and accessible to all Hutch investigators.

Who is involved

Forging Collaboration

Hutch Data Commonwealth is a partnership that will support and enhance research at Fred Hutch. More than a service organization or shared resource, HDC will be a scientific partner that will generate new ideas for projects and opportunities and expand the scope of Hutch research.