Create an Endowment

The Power of Endowment

Our mission at Fred Hutch is urgent. To speed the start of more cures, we need partners who share our vision. One way you can build a legacy of support for lifesaving cancer research is by creating an endowment.

Endowments form a bedrock of permanent support that drives discovery at Fred Hutch. By design, endowments are sustainable resources, continually replenished by investment returns. As the most long-lasting and dependable sources of private funds, endowments offer our scientists a smart and strategic path to future breakthroughs.

Endowment Opportunities

You can endow a chair either in your name or a name of your choosing.

Gifts of any size, including estate gifts, can be directed to the general endowment, the returns from which are distributed to Fred Hutch’s areas of greatest need.

You can also create a named endowment in an area of interest and importance to you and your family. Options include:


endows a chair for a Fred Hutch faculty member

For a gift of $2 million, you can endow a chair for a faculty member and help us recruit and retain the best researchers.


endows a named fellowship for a postdoc

For a gift of $1 million, you can endow a named fellowship for one postdoctoral researcher and specify the area of interest.


supports research of interest to you

For a gift of $250,000, you can support a specific program or area of research, such as one of our five scientific divisions.


provides funding for center operations

For a gift of $100,000 or more, you can invest in center operations that accelerate research and the quest for cures.

Endowed Faculty Chairs

As we work to eliminate cancer, it is our faculty who will drive us forward to cures. Endowed chairs help Fred Hutch recruit and retain the finest minds in the world — stars who lead truly transformative research.

An endowed chair provides long-term, sustainable funding that gives our faculty the freedom to take risks in their research and pursue uncharted paths of exploration. It is also one of the highest accolades faculty members can receive and publicly honors their contributions and achievements.

Current Endowed Chairs

Dr. Jennifer E. Adair

Fleischauer Family Endowed Chair in Gene Therapy Translation
Funded by Mark and Kristin Fleischauer

Dr. Garnet Anderson

Fred Hutch 40th Anniversary Endowed Chair
Funded by 40th Anniversary Hutch Holiday Gala donors 

Dr. Fred Appelbaum

Metcalfe Family/Frederick Appelbaum Endowed Chair in Cancer Research
Funded by Norman and Suzanne Metcalfe

Dr. Alice Berger

Innovators Network Endowed Chair
Funded by 2018 IN for the Hutch donors

Dr. Marie Bleakley

Gerdin Family Endowed Chair for Leukemia Research
Gerdin Family Foundation

Dr. Robert Bradley

McIlwain Family Endowed Chair in Data Science
Funded by Matt and Carol McIlwain

Dr. Aude G. Chapuis

John C. and Karyl Kay Hughes Foundation Endowed Chair
Funded by John C. and Karyl Kay Hughes Foundation

Dr. Bruce Clurman

Rosput Reynolds Endowed Chair
Funded by Paula and Stephen Reynolds

Dr. Nancy E. Davidson

Raisbeck Endowed Chair for Collaborative Research
Funded by James and Sherry Raisbeck

Dr. Joachim Deeg

Miklos Kohary and Natalia Zimonyi Kohary Endowed Chair
Funded by Miklos Kohary and Natalia Zimonyi Kohary    

Dr. Ruth Etzioni

Rosalie and Harold Rae Brown Endowed Chair
Funded by Rosalie and Harold Brown Foundation

Dr. Denise Galloway

Paul Stephanus Memorial Endowed Chair
Funded by Barbara H. Stephanus

Dr. Phil Greenberg

The Rona Jaffe Foundation Endowed Chair
Funded by The Rona Jaffe Foundation  

Dr. Mark Groudine

Mark Groudine Chair for Outstanding Achievements in Science and Service
Funded by an anonymous donor    

Dr. Geoffrey Hill

José Carreras/E. Donnall Thomas Endowed Chair for Cancer Research
Funded by Friends of the José Carreras International Leukemia Foundation

Dr. Sunil Hingorani

Raisbeck Endowed Chair for Pancreatic Research
Funded by James and Sherry Raisbeck

Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem

Stephanus Family Endowed Chair for Cell and Gene Therapy
Funded by Barbara H. Stephanus

Dr. Stephanie Lee

David and Patricia Giuliani/Oliver Press Endowed Chair in Cancer Research
Funded by Patricia and David Giuliani 

Dr. Thomas Lynch

Raisbeck Endowed Chair
Funded by James D. and Sherry Raisbeck Foundation

Dr. David Maloney

Leonard and Norma Klorfine Endowed Chair for Clinical Research
Funded by Leonard and Norma Klorfine

Dr. Julie McElrath

Joel D. Meyers Endowed Chair
Funded by Thrasher Koffey Foundation

Dr. Peter Nelson

Endowed Chair for Prostate Cancer Research

Dr. James Olson

Jennifer Lynn Kranz, Unravel Pediatric Cancer Endowed Chair
Funded by Unravel Pediatric Cancer

Dr. Julie Overbaugh

Endowed Chair for Graduate Education

Dr. Amanda Paulovich

Aven Foundation Endowed Chair
Funded by Aven Foundation

Dr. Ulrike Peters

Fred Hutch 40th Anniversary Endowed Chair
Funded by 40th Anniversary Hutch Holiday Gala Donors

Dr. Effie Petersdorf

Madeline Dabney Adams Endowed Chair in AML Research
Funded by Howell and Madeline Adams

Dr. Jerry Radich

Kurt Enslein Endowed Chair
Funded by John and Christine Enslein

Dr. Stanley Riddell

Burke O’Reilly Family Endowed Chair in Immunotherapy 
Funded by Dave Burke and Louise O'Reilly 

Dr. Nina Salama

Dr. Penny E. Petersen Memorial Chair for Lymphoma Research
Funded by James and Sherry Raisbeck

Dr. Rainer Storb

Milton B. Rubin Family Endowed Chair
Funded by Milton B. Rubin 

Dr. Cameron Turtle

Anderson Family Endowed Chair for Immunotherapy
Funded by Ric and Kaylene Anderson    

Helen G. Edson Endowed Chair for Breast Cancer Research

Funded by the Edson Family

J. Orin Edson Foundation Endowed Chair

Funded by J. Orin and Charlene Edson

Recognizing Your Gift

Ensuring that your gift is used according to your wishes is our highest priority. All donors who establish a named endowment receive annual reports on their fund’s financial status. Endowed chair donors have opportunities to meet regularly with the researchers or program teams they support.

Your endowed gift of $50,000 or more will be recognized with a plaque at the tranquil Grace Fountain on the Fred Hutch campus. The Grace Fountain is named for Grace Eileen Listwin, the mother of philanthropist and former board member Donald Listwin who dedicated this calming space in Grace’s memory after she died from ovarian cancer.  

Fred Hutch’s Management of Endowments

Endowment management is central to our strategy of providing a secure stream of research dollars. Fred Hutch’s endowment funds are professionally managed and operated under the authority of the Board of Trustees Investment Committee. The committee receives investment advisory services from top-tier, global financial consultants.

We pursue a smart, conservative strategy of asset allocation where consistent returns are emphasized over individual year results. In meeting that objective, our endowments will remain a robust engine for innovation and a permanent tribute to the generosity and vision of the donors who create them.

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Vice President, Philanthropy, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Last Modified, September 21, 2021