Pioneering Scientific Research

Fred Hutch researchers are tireless risk takers and innovators who are known for their rich collaborations across scientific disciplines in pursuit of life-saving discoveries. The next great advances are already underway in our labs.

We’re tackling cancer from every angle in our state-of-the-art research labs and in collaborative projects that span the globe. 


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Our scientists generate new discoveries and translate them into effective clinical practices, therapies and public health approaches.


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Our scientists have helped to transform prevention, detection and treatment for many cancers and other diseases.


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Competitive grants and research contracts, particularly from the National Institutes of Health, help fuel our discoveries.


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We are tackling a wide range of challenges in human health through laboratory research, clinical trials, population-based studies and more.

Landmark Findings

Our Research Areas

Fred Hutch scientists are producing some of the most important breakthroughs in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer, HIV and other diseases.

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Scientific Divisions

Scientific Divisions

The 300+ scientists in our five scientific divisions generate discoveries that translate into effective clinical practices, therapeutic strategies and public health approaches.

About Our Divisions
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Diseases We Research

Diseases We Research

Fred Hutch scientists conduct research on and develop therapies for many cancers — including blood cancers and solid tumors — and for HIV and other diseases.

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Scott Ramsey speaks at the Value in Cancer Care Summit

Cross-Divisional Programs

Cross-Divisional Programs

Integrated research centers (IRCs), institutes, networks and other programs are accelerating the pace of discovery to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and many other diseases.

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Faculty & Labs

Faculty & Labs

Fred Hutch has five scientific divisions, each focused on specific areas of research.

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Education & Training

Education & Training

Fred Hutch is committed to training the next generation of scientific leaders from diverse backgrounds.

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Stephen MacFarlane runs the electron microscope in the Cellular Imaging Department

Shared Resources

Shared Resources

This team of experts help design experiments, choose the most suitable tests and equipment, create customized software tools, and analyze experimental results.

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Explore patient treatment & support resources

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Collaborating for Cures

Meet the team that seeks convergence between science and business, leading to high-impact partnerships with industry, licensing agreements, and spinouts and startups.

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Cures Start Here

Our pioneering research has saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. Learn more about our vision, values and global reach.

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Why Your Gift Matters

Learn how your support for Fred Hutch can help provide cancer patients with the most precious gift of all: time.

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