Resources for Caregivers

Here are some helpful sites that are full of information, guidance, and tools to assist you in your role as a caregiver. 

National Cancer Institute Publications

The National Cancer Institute publishes a full library of resources for cancer patients and care-givers. Visit their online patient education library to browse their resources. 

National Cancer Institute
1.800.4.CANCER (422.6237)

Many of these publications are available at the Patient and Family Education Resource Center on the third floor of the South Lake Union Clinic.

National Cancer Institute

Guide for Family Caregivers in Cancer     

National Cancer Institute

Facing Forward—Life After Cancer Treatment     

National Cancer Institute

When Someone You Love is Being Treated for Cancer     

National Cancer Institute

Caring for the Caregiver     

Long-Distance Caregiving

No matter where you live, there is still a lot you can to do help care for a friend or family member with cancer.

National Institute of Health

National Institute on Aging

Getting started with long-distance caregiving

Patient's Employee Rights

American Disabilities Act

Cancer patients have employee rights. The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to job applicants and employees who have or have had cancer.

Caregiver Organizations

There are many helpful organizations especially for people who are caring for others. Here are a few:

Today's Caregiver

An online magazine with articles relevant to caregiving.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Information, support and resources related t family caregiving.

Lotsa Helping Hands

A central place to coordinate meand and help for friends and family.

Well Spouse Foundation

Find a support group

Communicate with Friends and Family

Are you the primary point of contact for a cancer patient? These services give you a place to share information and to communicate your needs to your personal network.

Caregivers or patients can start a free blog and share their stories.

Caring Bridge

Create a communicaitons platform for text messages and emails.

Meal Train

Organize friends and family to help with meals.