Child Life Specialists

Supporting Children and Families During Illness

To schedule a physical therapy appointment, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center patients need to be referred by a Fred Hutch physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Patients who have secondary lymphedema can be seen at the Fred Hutch clinic by one of our physical therapists specializing in oncology.

Tuesday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.



Child life specialists are members of the care team who work to support children and families during illness and hospitalization, with the goal of reducing stress and fostering coping and resiliency.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Child Life Services are available to pediatric patients and their family members, including siblings, as well as children of adult patients.

Child Life Specialists Provide a Variety of Services, Free of Charge, Including:

  • Preparation and education: Provide hands-on developmentally appropriate explanations of a loved one’s diagnosis and treatment
  • Emotional support: Help children and families cope with illness and change by providing a safe space to express feelings and concerns
  • Procedural support: Assist children in coping with potentially stressful medical procedures
  • Play: Facilitate therapeutic and recreational play experiences to promote understanding of illness as well as provide opportunities for normal growth and development
  • Parent/caregiver consultation: Help parents and family members talk with children about a loved one’s illness and treatment
  • Consultation: Behavioral concerns and other issues related to child and adolescent development
  • Community education and support: Coping with illness and disability