Fred Hutch Psychiatry & Psychology Services

Phone: 206.606.1030

For more information, speak with someone from your medical team or contact Fred Hutch Psychiatry & Psychology Service. 

Mental Health Support

When you need someone to help you with the emotional and psychological part of treatment, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center has mental health counselors (psychiatrists and psychologists) available.

We can help you deal with anxiety, depression, loss and grief, sleep difficulties, medical phobias, substance use issues and concerns about relationships and sexuality.

How We Can Help

Sometimes, you can have difficulties or stresses that are not entirely taken care of with medical or social work care. Specialized medication, coping strategies, and behavioral techniques are some of the approaches available for managing stress, depression, anxiety, pain, sleep, nausea or eating difficulty, substance use, or other issues that are common during illness and treatment.

We are here to provide consultation and ongoing mental health care to any Fred Hutch patient who needs it. We perform comprehensive evaluations and use proven approaches to treat a variety of psychosocial issues that arise in the context of medical illness.

Mental health consultations for Fred Hutch patients requiring overnight hospital stays are provided by the UW Medical Center Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Service.

Fred Hutch’s Psychiatry and Psychology Service Director, Dr. Jesse Fann, featured on New Day Northwest. Psychiatry and psychology services with Dr. Fann and Ron Robbecke, a Fred Hutch patient.