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Cures Start Here

At Fred Hutch, our interdisciplinary teams conduct high-impact science to achieve our mission: eliminating cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death through prevention and curative treatments that are accessible to all patients.

Translating discoveries into cures, our pioneering research has saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.


years of lifesaving research
Our history began with the vision and promise of Seattle surgeon Dr. William Hutchinson, brother of baseball hero Fred Hutchinson.


Collaborating across the globe, our dedicated, talented people are driven by an ambitious vision.


scientific divisions
Fred Hutch scientists conduct pathbreaking research that ranges from the most basic, molecular level to a broad, population-based approach.


acres of campus
Our beautiful South Lake Union campus features cutting-edge research facilities that promote cross-disciplinary collaboration.


A Living Memorial

Seattle surgeon Dr. Bill Hutchinson established a living memorial to his brother, Fred, a baseball legend who died of cancer at age 45, by establishing Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 1975.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Mission & Values

Our scientists are humanitarians who collaborate to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases. Our shared vision: to eliminate cancer and other diseases as causes of human suffering and death.

Ronald Lumala hugs his son Mike Kiragga

From Uganda to China and beyond, we’re collaborating with research partners to develop news ways to diagnose, predict, prevent and treat cancer around the world.

Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer
HVTN lab workers retrieve samples from sub-zero freezers at Fred Hutch


Fred Hutch President and Director Gary Gilliland speaks during the opening of the new Health Clinic


Dr. Matthias Stephan speaks with high school students

Educational Outreach


Fred Hutch employs more than 3,000 people in a wide range of occupations. Find out more about our career opportunities

Lab technician working under the hood in an HVTN lab

Pioneering Research

We're tackling cancer from every angle in our research labs and in collaborative projects that span the globe.

Hsieh Lab members discussing graph on computer screen

Collaborating for Cures

Meet the team that seeks convergence between science and business, leading to high-impact partnerships with industry, licensing agreements, and spinouts and startups.

Julie Gibson hugging her daughter Jenna

Why Your Gift Matters

Learn how your support for Fred Hutch can help provide cancer patients with the most precious gift of all: time.

Last Modified, June 28, 2019