The scientific community reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic with unprecedented speed and cooperation. Grounded in experience with global health threats such as HIV as well as the impact of infectious diseases on cancer patients, our researchers are an important part of the international scientific response to the pandemic. For nearly two years they have been working tirelessly — tracking and modeling the virus' spread, detailing the immune response to the virus, conducting trials of vaccines and treatments, and working to prevent future outbreaks.


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Here are news, resources and information on the COVID-19 pandemic based our science and expertise:

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Vaccine Boosters

A COVID-19 vaccine booster — an extra dose, taken several months after your last shot — can fortify your immune response to the vaccine.

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Demystifying Coronavirus Tests

Coronavirus tests are available, but confusion remains. Different tests detect different things and have different uses. We walk through the three main types of tests.

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Omicron Updates

Get the latest update on the omicron variant and its potential impact from our experts in virology, viral evolution, immunology and epidemiology.

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Latest Research

What are the challenges and limitations of math models that predict the effects of different COVID-19 policies and preventive behaviors? 

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Fred Hutch’s communications team has been working to translate the complex COVID-19 research being carried out by our scientists into news and information that can help our community understand and navigate the pandemic. Catch up on the latest at

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Volunteers Are Critical

Fred Hutch is conducting a number of therapeutic and non-therapeutic COVID-19 studies including treatment trials, observational studies and vaccine trials. To end this pandemic, we need volunteers of all ages, races, ethnicities and backgrounds to participate in research studies.

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Understanding Vaccines

Fred Hutch and the COVID-19 Prevention Network created to help people understand the COVID-19 vaccines, and how they can help get people back to work and school as soon — and as safely — as possible. 

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Our Research Team

Fred Hutch researchers are committed to stopping COVID-19 — working on vaccines, developing new tests, modeling the spread of the virus and more. And like Dr. Rachel Bender Ignacio, the medical director of our COVID-19 Clinical Research Center, testing potential treatments.

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The Impact of Your Support

Fueled by your support, research to understand and contain the coronavirus is happening at a scale and moving at a speed that was unimaginable just a few months ago.

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