Women's Wellness

Women's Wellness Clinic

Phone: 206.606.1422

The Women’s Wellness Clinic at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center offers wellness-focused follow-up care for women who have completed cancer treatment for breast cancer. We also monitor women at increased risk for developing breast cancer. Women who are shifting their focus from cancer treatment to recovery receive a wellness plan and cancer prevention strategies that include information on good nutrition, fitness and emotional support.

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Services at the Women's Wellness Clinic

The Women’s Wellness Clinic offers the care and services you need without leaving the the supervision of the oncology team you know and trust. Routine checkups, including mammograms, and various scans, are an important part of taking care of yourself after cancer, and all are provided at the Women’s Wellness Clinic.

Visit the Women’s Wellness Clinic if you:

  • Want information about cancer prevention—to do everything you can to keep your cancer from coming back
  • Would like help dealing with some of the lingering side effects of cancer treatment, such as lymphedema, anxiety, or depression

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Women at High Risk

Women who are at high risk for breast cancer and who have been seen at the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention (BOCP) Clinic may be referred to the Women’s Wellness Clinic for routine medical exams and close monitoring. You do not have to have had cancer to come to the clinic. You may come for help with cancer prevention.

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