Donate Stock, Bonds or Mutual Funds

Your Assets Can Provide Enduring Support to Stop Cancer and Help Families

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center welcomes your gift of stock, bonds or mutual funds. Transferring appreciated securities is an excellent way to support Fred Hutch’s mission and receive double tax benefits. Your donation may unlock a charitable income tax deduction based on the full fair market value of the securities or avoid capital gains tax otherwise due upon the sale of the appreciated stock, bonds or mutual funds.

To receive even greater leverage, consider using your appreciated assets to fund a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. You may avoid all or a large portion of the capital gains and receive an income for life for you or a loved one, all while helping Fred Hutch.

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Transfer Stock

There are two easy ways to transfer stock to Fred Hutch.

  1. Fred Hutch has partnered with Stock Donator to provide a simple way to donate stock. Use our complimentary stock transfer tool to generate the required forms, initiate the stock transfer request and send us the information we need to process your gift.
  2. You can also transfer stock directly through our broker. For our most up to date transfer instructions, please contact our Planned Giving team.

Additional information:

  • The value of your gift will be calculated by using the mean value of each share on the date the shares arrive in our account.
  • If you are making a year-end gift, we recommend beginning the transfer at least one week prior to December 31 to ensure it is processed in time.
  • Our Planned Giving team is available if you have questions, need assistance or are concerned about the timing of your gift.
  • Gifts of stock are also eligible for matching gifts from your company!

Transfer Bonds

Transferring bonds to Fred Hutch is much like giving stock. Please contact our Planned Giving team to learn more.

Transfer Mutual Funds

Mutual funds usually take longer to transfer, as each mutual fund company has its own requirements for making charitable contributions. Allow at least one month for the transfer. Please contact our Planned Giving team to learn more.

Illustration showing that when a donor gives a gift of stock to Fred Hutch they will receive a tax donation and avoid capital gains on appreciation
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