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You do not need a referral to seek care or a second opinion at Fred Hutch. To request a second opinion or patient care at Fred Hutch, please request an appointment.



Having more treatment options gives you and your care team more ways to individualize the best care plan for you — for the best outcome.

As the top cancer hospital in the Pacific Northwest, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center offers a breadth of leading-edge treatments, including some you may not be able to receive elsewhere — plus the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. Our experts will work with you to determine the best options for your specific situation.

Where You Are Treated First Matters

Fred Hutch is the Northwest’s leading cancer center. No matter what kind of cancer it is, it’s our area of expertise. Let us be the ones to help you first. Our specialists can answer your questions and help you as you’re evaluating decisions that may impact your future treatment options.

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Blood and Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplantation is among the greatest success stories in cancer care. The Fred Hutch Bone Marrow Transplant Program has led since the beginning, when Nobel Prize-winner E. Donnall Thomas, MD, and his team at Fred Hutch first developed clinical use of transplants in the 1970s.

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Immunotherapy uses the power of your body’s own immune system to find and destroy tumors. Fred Hutch physicians and researchers are leaders in discovering new ways to give your immune system the upper hand against cancer — making immunotherapy the science behind hope.

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Treatments We Offer

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Patients receive medical oncology treatment from leading physicians who specialize in your cancer and are experts in their field. Medical oncology is the cancer treatment of using drugs, such as chemotherapy, to stop the progression of the disease. 

About Medical Oncology
Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy, works by damaging the DNA inside the cancer cells. Once enough damage occurs, the cells cannot multiply and they die. The radiation is given either in the form of photons (such as X-rays or gamma rays) or subatomic particles (such as electrons or protons).

About Radiation Oncology
Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology is the branch of surgery that specializes in treating cancer. UW Medicine surgeons, who perform surgery for Fred Hutch patients, are all experts and many specialize in specific cancer operations. 

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Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy

An advanced form of radiation treatment, proton therapy can be calibrated with great precision to selectively kill cancer cells. Proton radiation therapy can be a highly effective option in place of standard X-ray radiation therapy for a wide range of solid tumors. Precise targeting gives protons a key advantage when we treat tumors that are near vital organs.

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Molecular Imaging and Therapy

Molecular Imaging and Therapy

Molecular imaging and therapy uses small amounts of radioactive substances to detect or treat disease. At Fred Hutch, our molecular imaging and therapy specialists are part of nearly every patient’s care.

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Research & Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials

Every advance in cancer treatment in recent years has come out of clinical trials — and the physician-scientists at Fred Hutch have led the way for decades.

Our clinicians translate these innovations into therapies that patients receive in our clinics. Many of the people providing your day-to-day care may be the same ones leading studies to revolutionize treatment.

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UW Medicine

Our Relationship With UW Medicine

Fred Hutch is an independent, nonprofit organization that also serves as the cancer program for UW Medicine. This relationship allows for enhanced care coordination with one of the world’s leading integrated health systems. Together, Fred Hutch and UW Medicine are a powerful team for adults facing cancer.

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