Cancer and Organ Transplant Clinic

Coordinated Care from Cancer and Transplant Specialists

At the COTC, cancer and organ transplant specialists work together to treat patients based on their cancer type and transplant condition, current treatments and any off-target effects, biomarkers, comorbidities, general health and life goals.

Fred Hutch works with UW Medicine and the Center for Innovations in Cancer & Transplant to study patient-centered questions.

The Cancer and Organ Transplant Clinic (COTC) at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is the first clinic of its kind to offer consulting services for organ transplant candidates and recipients with cancer.

Fred Hutch works together with UW Medicine Transplant Services to tackle the challenging conditions experienced by patients with cancer before and after an organ transplant.

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About Our Clinic

We started the COTC to answer the questions that make it challenging for patients to receive and maintain organ transplant function:

  • When is it safe for an organ transplant after cancer treatment?
  • What are the best cancer therapies to achieve optimal cancer response and transplant function?
  • What are the best cancer therapies that set up a patient to be an organ transplant recipient in the future?
  • How can transplant-focused immunosuppression be used to eliminate rejection issues for organ transplant patients?

Solving Transplant Challenges

Cancer can threaten organ health, and organ transplant can improve the health of some cancer patients. The COTC aims to make transplant an option for more cancer patients. If you become a patient in our clinic, you will:

  • Meet with cancer and transplant specialists to receive a personalized treatment plan
  • Receive care focused on your specific cancer and transplant challenges
  • Work with our dedicated intake team for referral to the appropriate transplant clinic, if needed
  • Work with recovery teams who collaborate across specialties to get you back to living your life

Organ Transplant Designed for Patients with Specific Cancers

Fred Hutch offers kidney, pancreas, heart and lung transplant services for patients with many different types of cancers: