Basic Sciences Division

Making Foundational Discoveries

Basic research is at the foundation of all scientific discoveries, underlying the innovative cures and treatments developed at Fred Hutch.

Founded in 1981, the Basic Sciences Division has continually evolved to be at the forefront of discovery; seeking to understand the fundamental underpinnings of our own biology as well as the dysregulations that cause disease. Our research has yielded numerous landmark breakthroughs and scientific advances. We believe an inclusive, collaborative, egalitarian and creative environment is the basis for scientific innovation and world-changing discoveries.

Spotlight On Dr. Manu Setty

"I'm a strong believer in using technology as a driver for discovery. My work has been about embracing new types of data because it can give us new types of information, expanding the questions we can ask biologically."

– Dr. Manu Setty, Computational Biologist

faculty and lab
Faculty & Labs

Generating New Insights

Our faculty includes investigators studying structural, genetic, molecular, cellular, developmental and evolutionary biology.  

research programs
Research Programs

The Basics for Discovery

Division scientists conduct cutting-edge research that explores the fundamental biology underlying health and disease. 


Fundamental Biology and Forward Thinking

Learn about our scientific leadership, job openings, upcoming events and seminars hosted by the Basic Sciences research team.

Last Modified, November 01, 2021