Investors & Industry

Collaborating for Cures

We have an entire team dedicated to the convergence of science and business — to advance our goal of revolutionizing cancer treatment.

We’re always searching for connections to help cure cancer. Join us.

The Business Development & Strategy Team at Fred Hutch has a stellar track record of finding partners who share our drive to innovate, collaborate and accelerate the development of high-impact technologies and therapies. The result has been dozens of licensing agreements, strategic partnerships, spinouts and startups, including such high-profile launches as Juno Therapeutics, Adaptive Biotechnologies, Nohla Therapeutics and Faraday Pharmaceuticals.


Active Inventions
We seek opportunities to license our intellectual property to encourage product development and spur new businesses.


Square Feet of Shared Facilities
Fred Hutch investigators have shared access to resources to design experiments, analyze data and seek research breakthroughs.


Companies Founded on Our Science
To translate our discoveries to the clinic, we seek partners who share our drive to innovate, collaborate and save lives.


Square Feet of Lab Space
Our state-of-the-art laboratories keep our researchers’ work moving forward as quickly as possible.

Colon Cancer Biomarkers

The Lampe Lab at Fred Hutch has identified and validated a five-protein panel for early detection of colon cancer and adenoma. Two independent studies have confirmed this biomarker panel. Colon cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S.; about 150,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Early detection dramatically increases the odds of survival.

Dr. Stan Riddell speaking during and IIRC retreat.

Integrated Research Centers

Our three integrated research centers are launchpads for novel immunotherapies, vaccines, and technologies that have strong commercial potential. Bringing together top talent from multiple disciplines, they enable the efficient translation of scientific insights into real-world solutions.

 Stephen MacFarlane runs the electron microscope in the Cellular Imaging Department.

Shared Resources

Our investigators and research partners have access to a suite of cutting-edge services and programs that help them get to discoveries faster. They include specialized facilities and equipment, integrated research centers, powerful data science infrastructure, and computational advisory services.

Juno Therapeutics

The pioneering immunotherapy company Juno Therapeutics was founded in 2013 as a partnership between Fred Hutch, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s Research Institute, licensing cutting-edge research from all three institutions. It launched with $120 million in private investment funding, making it one of the largest biotech startups in history. Juno initially targeted blood cancers but has expanded its focus to include some solid-tumor cancers, such as colorectal cancer and certain sarcomas, in further partnership with Fred Hutch investigators.

Woman looking through microscope.

Stem Cell Products for Research

Stem Cell Products for Research

We maintain our own 37,000-square-foot facility that produces high-quality stem cell products for research, clinical trials and therapeutic use.

Pipette and test tubes (McElrath Lab).

Funding for Bold Ideas

Funding for Bold Ideas

Fred Hutch researchers are eligible to apply for special funding to help them take their discoveries and ideas to a commercially viable stage.

Lab technician working under the hood in an HVTN lab

Pioneering Research

We’re tackling cancer from every angle in our research labs and in collaborative projects that span the globe.

woman who is a patient with her daughter

Delivering Treatments

We offer a breadth of leading-edge treatments, some not available elsewhere — plus the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center campus

Cures Start Here

Our pioneering research has saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. Learn more about our vision, values and global reach.

Julie Gibson hugging her daughter Jenna

Why Your Gift Matters

Learn how your support for Fred Hutch can help provide cancer patients with the most precious gift of all: time.