Telehealth Allows You to Visit Your Physician by Phone or Video Call

Fred Hutch Telehealth

Phone: 855.557.0555


Patients who have feedback or questions on how we can improve their experience with telehealth visits are welcome to call or email the Fred Hutch telehealth team.

UW MyChart Help Desk for Telehealth Technical Support

Phone: 206.520.5151

The help desk is available for Fred Hutch patients who have questions or run into issues accessing their telehealth appointment and need technical support.

Our telehealth program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center provides our patients with the same high-quality cancer care they receive in our clinics.

Telehealth at Fred Hutch

Telehealth enables our patients to visit their doctor by phone or video call.

Telehealth services at Fred Hutch are offered through Zoom, a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing service. Our patients can access their visit(s) from MyChart or through the Zoom Application. The appointment can be accessed using a computer, phone or any device connected to the internet.

Set up MyChart Account

Request a Telehealth Appointment

To schedule an appointment with a Fred Hutch provider and ask if a telehealth video visit is right for you.

For New Patients

To request an appointment for a second opinion or patient care at Fred Hutch, please call us toll-free at 855.557.0555.

For Current Patients

Please call us at 855.557.0555 to schedule your appointment or send a message to your care team through MyChart and ask if a telehealth visit is an option for you.

For Out-of-State Patients

Due to changing regulations and policies, we may or may not be able to see patients outside of WA state, please call us at 855.557.0555 to find out if you are eligible to see one of our providers using telehealth services.  

Prepare for a Telehealth Visit

The checklist below can help our patients prepare for a successful telehealth visit.

  • Computer, tablet, or smart phone with a microphone and camera. We recommend that you keep your device on its charger during the visit to ensure it has enough battery.
  • Internet or phone service. You will need a reliable Internet connection to have good audio and video quality. Test your internet connection before your visit by joining a Zoom test meeting on
  • The Zoom app. Make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded. Test access to your MyChart account or access the visit link from your appointment confirmation email.
  • A quiet, private place with good lighting. Headphones may help you hear the provider clearly and reduce background noise. Start your visit 15 minutes early to have time to get help if there are any technical problems.
  • Pen and paper. Before your appointment, write down any questions you want to ask and bring them to your appointment with you.

Tell your provider if you cannot see or hear them. If your video or audio does not work, the provider will call you to finish the visit on the phone. If you have technical problems before your visit, call UW MyChart Help Desk for Telehealth Technical Support at 206.520.5151.

Preparing for Your Telehealth Visit

Telehealth Help Desk Support and Resources

Scheduling Support

To request an appointment for a second opinion or patient care at Fred Hutch, please call us toll-free at 855.557.0555.

Technical Support

If you need help setting up your phone or computer and have questions about your telehealth visits, please call us at 206.520.5151.

Telehealth Feedback

If you have feedback or questions on how we could improve your experience with telehealth visits, please call, Fred Hutch telehealth team at 206.606.2800.

Cancer Telehealth Community Resources

Below are community resources about telehealth for patients with cancer and their caregivers:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Telehealth visits are virtual visits that allow our patients to meet with a provider through an online video from home using a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

If our patient and their provider confirm telehealth is appropriate, the patient will receive a confirmation email or a message in the MyChart portal. Fred Hutch patients who use MyChart can view their upcoming appointments at any time by logging into the portal. When it’s time for the appointment, simply login to MyChart and click the “Begin Visit” button. This will launch Zoom in a new window and the patient will be placed in a virtual waiting room. When ready, the provider will bring the patient into the virtual room and begin the visit.

Fred Hutch patients who do not use MyChart will receive a Zoom link through email at the time of scheduling and again a day before the visit. At the time of the scheduled visit, just click on the link to open the video chat with the provider. 

Yes. We use HIPAA-compliant technology that provides a safe, private and secure experience. Fred Hutch will not record or store any part of a telemedicine visit, and all health information related to your visit is protected by federal privacy laws.

Our patients call our UW MyChart Help Desk for Telehealth Technical Support line at 206.520.5151.

Our patients can find step-by-step instructions here to prepare for your visit.

Yes! Our patients’ family members and caregivers can also join the telehealth visit. The patient can either ask the scheduler to send the link via email or forward the link to their family/caregiver. At the beginning of the visit, let the provider know if someone else calling in so they can let them in from the virtual waiting room.

At the beginning of the visit, the provider will ask for a number to call the patient back if the connection is lost. Or the patient can click the visit link again to return to the virtual visit room.

Our patients can use a smartphone, tablet or computer with webcam and Internet access. Most devices work with Zoom; see if your device is compatible.

View Zoom System Requirements

If our patients don’t have a personal device to use for telehealth or don’t have reliable Internet access, Fred Hutch may be able to help. Please contact our team at

Yes, interpreter services are available in 35 languages for telehealth visits!  The interpreter joins the visit and can see and hear the patient and the provider. To request an interpreter during a telehealth visit, just let the scheduler know that an interpreter is needed. 

Everyone’s insurance is different, so ask your insurance company about your specific plan and telehealth visit coverage. If you still have questions, call our Patient Financial Services team at 206.606.6226 or toll-free at 800.304.1763.

If our patient uses MyChart, the link for the video visit will be available through MyChart at the time of the appointment. Simply log on to MyChart at the time of the appointment and there will be a “Begin Visit” button.  This button is available one hour before the scheduled visit time.

If our patient does not use MyChart, their care team will send a link to the visit through email.  Please save these emails. If our patient needs the email resent, they can contact their care team or scheduler.