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Bone Marrow Transplants Globally
This lifesaving advance — and many others — are possible because of Fred Hutch’s pioneering science.


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Fred Hutch is committed to core principles that are the foundation of our scientific mission, including democracy, justice, equity and the pursuit of knowledge. We are determined to be an inclusive and equitable workplace that centers our work on the equal value of all human lives. We pursue justice and stand against acts or expressions of white supremacy and all forms of oppression because we understand that our mission is rooted in — and will only be possible through — our commitment to the best of humanity.

Read more about our upcoming faculty “cluster hire” and opportunities for early-career scientists from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds through the Eddie Méndez Scholar Award.

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Dr. Mark Roth
Cell Biology

Plumbing the Secrets of Immortality

Seventeen years ago, Dr. Mark Roth took an enormous leap into the study of suspended animation, a dormant state that can extend life under harsh conditions. He found that iodide has a unique ability to act as a continually renewable antioxidant, and it may be nature’s secret to help animals successfully reanimate after naturally dropping their metabolic rate in hibernation. Since then, his work has kicked off clinical trials that showed iodide can protect patients from trauma damage by safely reanimating dying tissue.

Dr. Toshio Tsukiyama
Genetics and Genomics

How Cells Package Their DNA — and Why

If you removed the DNA from a human cell, unraveled it and laid it end to end, the whole thing would stretch about 7 feet. Dr. Toshio "Toshi" Tsukiyama has spent his career studying how all that genetic material gets squeezed into a microscopic cell. His work improves our understanding of how normal cells function and may also be a step toward improving cancer therapies: DNA packaging plays a key role in cell sleep, or quiescence, a process that also drives cancer cells’ ability to “hide” and reemerge years after treatment.

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