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Bone Marrow Transplants Globally
This lifesaving advance — and many others — are possible because of Fred Hutch’s pioneering science.


Nobel Prize Winners
Researchers from Fred Hutch have been honored with the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.


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Our science takes place around the world and has an impact on people everywhere.


Clinical Trials and Studies
Patient participation is critical to our research, helping uncover new ways to prevent, detect and treat disease.


COVID-19 Research

More than one-fifth of Fred Hutch researchers have active projects related to COVID-19. Across the organization, scientists are tackling all aspects of the disease and the SARs-CoV-2 virus that causes it — including coordinating vaccine development, testing potential therapies, tracking how it spreads, how it affects our bodies and how to safely return to schools and offices.

Driving Diversity

Our Commitment

Fred Hutch is committed to becoming an anti-racist institution. In this endeavor, we are determined to strengthen and deepen our efforts that affirm the equal rights, value and protection of Black people and other minority communities — in the streets, on our campus and in our science.

This spring, we are assessing our progress toward our goals and will be reporting out in the coming months.

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Dr. Yingye Zheng
Diagnostics & Biomarkers

Predicting Risk, Optimizing Screening

A leader in national research studies to improve screening and treatment for colorectal, cervical, lung and prostate cancers, Dr. Yingye Zheng develops novel statistical tools for medical decision-making related to disease screening, diagnosis, prognosis and outcome prediction. Her goal is to optimize patients’ medical outcomes and minimize harms in the population.

Dr. George Luebeck
Data Science

Making ‘Clocks’ of Cancer Progression

Dr. Georg Luebeck’s mathematical models of biological processes like cancer initiation and growth have helped everyone from uranium miners at risk for lung cancer to astronauts facing the effects of galactic cosmic radiation. He is a leading expert in modeling how cancers and their precursors arise over time in normal, healthy tissue.

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