About Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center unites innovative research and compassionate care to prevent and eliminate cancer and infectious disease. We’re driven by the urgency of our patients, the hope of our community and our passion for discovery to pursue scientific breakthroughs and healthier lives for every person in every community. 

Our values are grounded in and expressed through the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Our mission is directly tied to the humanity, dignity and inherent value of each employee, patient, community member and supporter. Our actions are driven by the commitments expressed in our values: Collaboration, Compassion, Determination, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Respect. 

Fred Hutch is an independent, nonprofit organization, that also serves as UW Medicine’s cancer program. This unique relationship allows for enhanced care coordination with one of the world's leading integrated health systems .

Pioneers in Transplantation and Immunotherapy

Our Nobel Prize–winning work on bone marrow transplantation provided the first example of the power of the human immune system to cure cancer. Today, we continue to lead this revolutionary field, known as immunotherapy.

nurse preparing medication for patient

Patient Care At Fred Hutch

Our patients are our top priority. We provide comprehensive care from leading oncology experts where many of our physicians also conduct research and clinical trials in addition to caring for their patients. 

Our New Brand

We launched our new brand in October 2022 to send a clear signal to our employees, providers, donors, partners and patients that something fundamental has changed. The brand includes a new logo and new colors. The logo design was thoughtfully developed with elements that pay subtle homage to our legacy organizations. Additionally, the arrow ‘breaking away’ from the base shape symbolizes that, by coming together, we are accelerating our impact, and helping people break free from devastating diseases. The color palette is a reflection of the confluence of Fred Hutch, SCCA, and UW Medicine.

In the coming months you’ll see this new brand come to life on our campus and in our clinics through updated signs and content – and we launch campaigns that engage audiences in our mission. 

Fred and Bill Hutchinson

Fred and Bill Hutchinson

When the doors of his cancer research center opened in 1975, Seattle surgeon Bill Hutchinson named it for his brother, baseball legend Fred Hutchinson. A major-league pitcher, Fred had died of cancer in 1964 at age 45.

Linda Buck at Nobel ceremony

Nobel Laureates

Three Nobel laureates have made their prize-winning discoveries under the auspices of Fred Hutch. We’re honored to count among our ranks Drs. Linda Buck, Lee Hartwell and E. Donnall Thomas. (Thomas died in 2012 at the age of 92.)

Our Priorities

Achieving our mission requires both careful planning and bold creativity, as well as equal measures of focus and flexibility to follow the science wherever it leads. Through our center-wide strategic planning process, we have identified the following research priorities:


Icon depicting blood stem cell transplantation and immunotherapy

Blood Stem Cell Transplantation
and Immunotherapy

icon depicting cancer risk factors and causes, prevention and outcomes

Cancer Risk Factors, and Causes, Prevention and Outcomes

Icon depicting syringe

Vaccine Development
and Virus-Associated Cancers

Icon depicting data science

Data-Driven Research and Treatment Approaches

Icon depicting tumor

Tumor-Specific Translational Research

graphic of scale depicting healthcare disparities

Prevention, Screening, Early Diagnosis and Care in all Communities