2022 Annual Report

Advancing Research and Care

Working to Integrate and Accelerate

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center was created just over a year ago in April 2022 with the aim of bringing scientific advances to patients faster and deepening longstanding ties with UW Medicine. Over the past year, we have been working to tighten the integration between scientific endeavors and clinical care, and streamline our structure. This report documents those efforts and highlights the impact we’re able to have on patients in Seattle and beyond thanks to the dedication of our extraordinary workforce, donors, volunteers, partners and broader community.

Land Acknowledgment

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center acknowledges the Coast Salish peoples of this land, the land that touches the shared waters of all tribes and bands within the Duwamish, Puyallup, Suquamish, Tulalip and Muckleshoot nations.

A Message From Fred Hutch President and Director Dr. Tom Lynch

It was a transformative year for our organization as we came together as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. Researchers, clinicians, administrators and teams have been working hard to seamlessly integrate scientific endeavors and clinical care, streamlining our operations to ensure patients have access to the most innovative care. We also restructured our relationship with UW Medicine to enhance care coordination and now serve as its cancer program.

In October we launched a refresh of Fred Hutch’s brand, including a new logo, mission statement and more, which reflects our approach to accelerating our impact, our commitment to diversity and helping people to overcome devastating diseases.

Our community showed support in many ways — participating in our 10th Obliteride, creating online fundraisers, attending events and making gifts of all sizes. In the fall, we received a pair of remarkable philanthropic commitments designed to advance our mission and inspire support from other generous donors. A gift from Stuart and Molly Sloan will expand our research in precision oncology, and a gift from the Bezos family will accelerate the breadth and depth of breakthroughs in cancer and infectious diseases to improve outcomes for patients while catalyzing cures.

Fred Hutch researchers and labs made important discoveries about how cancer and infectious diseases affect our bodies. We made breakthroughs in understanding how our microbiomes interact with cancer cells and how a tumor’s environment can enable cancer cells to spread to other places in the body. Our scientists also identified genetic risk variants for colon cancer and chronicled the dynamics of prostate cancer, advances that could lead to better prevention and treatments.

We cared for thousands of people at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center clinics, treating patients with a wide range of blood cancers and solid tumors with the latest available treatments and enrolling people in clinical trials that offer real hope. Our nurses, physicians and front-line clinical staff continued to navigate the complexities of COVID-19 as they safely cared for our patients.

In late March, we opened a new clinic building on our campus designed by a team that included providers, patients and families who ensured our mission and values were incorporated into the innovative space. We’ve expanded on many of the concepts we have developed, such as care neighborhoods and flexible rooms, to make the experience for patients and caregivers as seamless as possible.

The new building adds leading-edge imaging technologies and expands our capacity to conduct procedures. We’ve added a CT angiography suite, additional MRIs and the Pacific Northwest’s first PET/MRI. All of these will be instrumental as we drive progress in cancer research and care.

Looking to the future for our organization, I'm excited for what’s to come. As we continue to define the latest in care and conduct research, it’s incredible that this is only the first chapter of Fred Hutch’s new story.

I can’t thank you enough for all you do for Fred Hutch, and I’m proud to share the highlights of the past year in this annual report.

Tom Lynch

Thomas J. Lynch Jr., MD
President and Director
Raisbeck Endowed Chair

Merger, Integration and a New Brand

Teams from the previous organizations came together over the past year to ensure that research, clinical delivery and other mission-critical needs were high-performing and supported diversity, equity and inclusion.

Look Beyond

Fred Hutch and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Unite

In April 2022, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center was created by the merger of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, with the goal of bringing scientific advances to patients more quickly. 

Fred Hutch President Thomas J. Lynch Jr. speaks during the opening day ceremony at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Reshaped Relationship With UW Medicine

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that also serves as the cancer program for UW Medicine. Our relationship allows for enhanced care coordination between a top-ranked cancer center and a leading integrated health system and accelerates the latest scientific breakthroughs in cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Read more about the restructuring

Stickers are available during the Fred Hutch rebrand event.

Rolling Out a New Brand

In October, Fred Hutch began the rollout of a new brand representing the combined lifesaving science and patient-centered care skills of the unified organization.

The brand includes a new logo with individual color and shape elements paying subtle homage to the legacy organizations. Learn more about our new brand.

Leading With Our People

The introduction of our new brand came through a series of campaigns that featured members of the Fred Hutch community: patients, providers, researchers and employees. In ads that appeared around the Puget Sound region, as well as across digital and broadcast media, we highlighted collaborations between researchers and physicians that illustrate how the many experts here are working in real time to provide more options and better outcomes for our patients while accelerating discoveries that prevent, treat and defeat cancer and infectious diseases.


Scientific Developments

Fred Hutch faculty continued to make strides in precision oncology, immune modification, and the intersection of data, technology and science along with our other strategic pillars. Our researchers received $600 million in grant revenue and 81 patents.

Highlights of Discovery

From advancing the development of potential Epstein-Barr virus vaccines to launching a new center focused on accelerating transformative approaches to metastatic disease, our scientists pushed human knowledge forward across a wide range of bioscience realms. 

Computer-generated image of a vaccine nanoparticle

Researchers Advance Epstein-Barr Virus Vaccines

Implicated in cancers, fingered as the cause of mononucleosis — and now suspected of triggering the degenerative nerve disease multiple sclerosis — Epstein-Barr virus is building a rap sheet as a seriously problematic infectious agent. 

Dr. Cyrus Ghajar

New Center for Metastasis Research Excellence

Metastatic cancer is one of, if not the most, challenging areas of cancer biology. This year marked the launch of the Center for Metastasis Research Excellence, or MET-X, a focused research program that aims to crack one of the toughest biological challenges in medicine.

Scientific image showing distribution of bacteria and immune cells within tumors.

How Bacteria Give Cancer a Helping Hand

The role that bacteria may play in promoting cancer is receiving more scientific attention. Two studies from investigators at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center revealed how bacteria infiltrate tumors and how they could be helping tumors progress and spread.

Liquid biopsy

Unlocking More From Liquid Biopsies

Dr. Gavin Ha received a New Innovator Award to fund his work aimed at unlocking more information from liquid biopsies — blood samples with traces of DNA that provide molecular information about tumors — to improve cancer diagnosis, treatment and disease monitoring.

Evolving Teams

Ten new faculty joined Fred Hutch in priority areas, including Jeff Leek, PhD, pictured far left, the new Vice President and Chief Data Officer and J. Orin Edson Foundation Endowed Chairholder, who will advance innovations in computational techniques and expand data science resources. Several distinguished and longstanding researchers also stepped away from full-time research in 2022, moving to emeritus status to continue to guide the new generation of scientists who will benefit from and build on their breakthroughs.

Fond Farewells

All news
Chromatin researcher and professor of radiation oncology Dr. Mark Groudine retires after four decades Revealed important nature of DNA packaging, dedicated decades to center administration January 27, 2023
A giant in BMT survivorship Dr. Mary Flowers steps down from leading Fred Hutch BMT Long-Term Follow-Up program December 15, 2022
Leader in apheresis and cellular therapy, Dr. Michael Linenberger, retires As professor emeritus, this respected mentor will continue to contribute to the UW fellowship program December 16, 2022
Fred Hutch’s Dr. Ross Prentice retires Longtime scientist and statistician contributed to Women’s Health Initiative, cancer prevention research and much more January 20, 2023

What Breakthroughs Are Coming Next?

Clinical Advancements

SCCA's legacy of outstanding patient care continues at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. Additionally, hundreds of therapeutic clinical trials helped to advance the standard of care and support clinical excellence. 

Surgical Technician Thalia Jimenez Sanchez prepares the Interventional Radiology suite for a port placement.

Patient Care

This past year, the organization provided state-of-the-art, patient- and family-centered care to over 50,000 individuals diagnosed with and at risk for cancer. Hundreds of therapeutic clinical trials helped to advance the standard of care and support clinical excellence. New initiatives focused on enhancing access to improved cancer interventions.

Patient Care by the Numbers


Individual Patients
Nearly 120,000 outpatient visits


In therapeutic clinical trials along with 385 adult blood stem cell transplants


By the mammogram van around Seattle and Puget Sound area

Care Teams

Our nurses, physicians and front-line clinical staff were unrelenting in their work to navigate the complexities COVID-19 presented to safely care for our patients. More than 50 of our physicians were included in Seattle Magazine’s 2022 Top Doctors list and the nursing staff received recognition for their work via awards, national presentations, posters and publications.

Nurses working in the Procedure Suite on the 2nd floor of the SCCA Building
Cancer survivor Steve Lovell cuts the ribbon during his remarks for the opening of the South Lake Union Clinic Building #2 at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Clinic Expansion

In March, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center opened a six-story, 150,000-square-foot extension of our South Lake Union Clinic that allows us to expand existing outpatient clinic services and introduce exciting innovations in how we deliver patient care. It also allows us to expand the services that we offer to the community. The new building boasts new technology, including a PET/MRI machine that provides better imaging and detection of soft tissue cancers.

Stories from the Clinic

KIRO Oncology robots

Robots Help Pharmacy

Fred Hutch is one of just three other sites in the U.S. that uses robots to compound drugs — a cost-effective way of boosting capacity to meet the growing demands of drug compounding in the South Lake Union clinic.

Teresa Campagna

Multidisciplinary Approach at Specialty Clinic

The Breast Cancer Specialty Clinic is highly specialized and sees just 12 patients a week, all early-stage patients with cancer that hasn’t spread outside the breast or associated lymph nodes.

Mark Schuck with a fish

Immunotherapy Helps Biologist

Advanced chondrosarcoma – 'shark' cancer – has no standard treatments beyond surgery, but oncologist and researcher Dr. Lee Cranmer explored a new option for his patient.

David Raubvogel

Research Leads to Proton Therapy

A Seattle geologist diagnosed with prostate cancer did thorough research to find a treatment option with the highest success rate of treating his cancer and the fewest side effects.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are key organizational priorities and the work of our entire enterprise. Over the past year, we deepened our strategic efforts and accountability in DEI to solidify our foundation for meaningful change. 

Vice President and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer of Fred Hutch Dr. Paul Buckley unveils Roger Fernandes’s art during the Celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day and Public Art Unveiling Event.

Building For Change

From our impactful research to the compassionate patient-centered care we deliver to the creation of an organizational culture where everyone can thrive, our efforts embody our mission. Over the past year, we have deepened our strategic efforts and accountabilities in DEI to solidify our foundation for meaningful change. For us, a deeper, broader foundation is critical for supporting the sustainability of our DEI framework.

Read the 2022 DEI Annual Report
Artist Saiyare Refaei speaks during the Public Art and Community Dialogue Art Unveiling event.

Public Art & Community Dialogue

The Public Art and Community Dialogue Program was launched to nurture connections between employees and underrepresented and targeted communities to shape Fred Hutch’s pursuit of scientific excellence through anti-racism and inclusion. Featured artists include Mark Modimola, Roger Fernandes and Saiyare Refaei (above).

View the Art and Join the Dialogue

Philanthropic Highlights

The individuals and institutions that support our mission know that when we come together, we are bigger than the problems we’re trying to solve.

Base2Space Climber holds up a trophy

United for Prevention, Treatment, Cures

When we merged a world-class research center with an exceptional cancer care organization and began serving as UW Medicine’s cancer program, our community stood with us — entrusting us with gifts of all sizes, attending events, supporting providers and more. This outpouring of generosity included two transformative philanthropic investments: $78 million from Stuart and Molly Sloan to supercharge precision oncology and $710.5 million from the Bezos family to dramatically accelerate medical breakthroughs.

Every contribution matters, and we are grateful. The trust of our vibrant and engaged community inspires and motivates us, fueling our commitment to make life beyond cancer a reality.

Fred Hutch is proud to raise funds that fuel the adult oncology program on behalf of both Fred Hutch and UW Medicine Fred Hutch is proud to raise funds that fuel the adult oncology program on behalf of both Fred Hutch and UW Medicine Fred Hutch is proud to raise funds that fuel the adult oncology program on behalf of both Fred Hutch and UW Medicine

Philanthropy by the Numbers FY22

A snapshot of support from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022.


Individuals, foundations, corporations and organizations joined us to pursue scientific breakthroughs and healthier lives.


in Philanthropic Support
Raised through the collective generosity of our community.


of Gifts <$1,000
Every gift makes a difference; together, they accelerate science and save lives.


Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers
From Obliteride to milestone celebrations, people activated their communities to raise $8.5 million.

Turning Urgency and Hope Into Action

Everyone who contributes to Fred Hutch plays a unique and vital role in advancing our mission. These are just a few examples of how our community is driving progress toward life beyond cancer.

Gaming for Good

During Raids for Research, our first week-long Stream for Fred Hutch event, content creators around the globe talked with our scientists, raided each other’s Twitch streams and raised funds for Fred Hutch. Passionate supporters like these harness the power of their communities to accelerate discoveries in cancer and infectious disease.

A Lifesaving Legacy

Jim Morrison defied the odds to reach two milestones in the past year: his 92nd birthday and the 30th anniversary of his lifesaving bone marrow transplant. He’s part of our Thomas Legacy Society, whose 800 members generously include Fred Hutch in their estates. In FY22, we received $15.6 million from bequests from supporters like Jim.

More Than a Job

Just before starting as a physician assistant in Fred Hutch’s blood and marrow transplant unit, Abbie Hecker matched with and donated stem cells to a teenager with leukemia. Now our staff ambassador for the Be The Match registry, Abbie is among 600+ employees who volunteered, donated, and otherwise went above and beyond.

Foundations Push Boundaries

Washington Research Foundation awarded $2.1 million to support postdoctoral fellowships and enable eight scientists to move advances — in infectious disease, immunotherapy, AI-driven drug discovery, and more — closer to commercial use, where they can help patients. WRF is one of 80 foundations spurring innovation in research and care at Fred Hutch.

Obliteride group photos

Obliteride — Together Again for Year 10!

Fred Hutch Obliteride celebrated its 10th season in August, 2022 — and the community came out with an awe-inspiring show of support to cure cancer faster. An amazing wave of energy powered Obliteride weekend after two years of virtual-only events due to pandemic restrictions. We welcomed a record-setting 5,552 participants and 430 volunteers on more than 450 teams. And, supported by our sponsors, our community and 15,000 donors, we raised more than $4.9 million — our largest fundraising total ever. As always, 100% of every participant-raised dollar fuels cancer prevention, detection, treatment and cures at Fred Hutch. Join our 11th annual Obliteride on Saturday, August 12!

Carolyn Callaghan (R) rode in her 10th Obliteride in 2022.

“This year it's personal,” said Fred Hutch’s Carolyn Callaghan (above, right), who rode in her 10th Obliteride in 2022 — and her first since being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Reggie Kimborough and Sophie App and their kids, Josie and Ridden, volunteered at Obliteride.

For volunteers Reggie Kimborough and Sophie Ap and their kids, Josie and Ridden, Obliteride was “a good time for the entire family to practice giving back.”

Group photo of WaFd Bank's Team Hooper at OBL.

Matt Hooper rode his late brother Chris’s bike on WaFd Bank’s “Team Hooper,” whose 57 members raised $26,375 in memory of Chris, a WaFd employee.

Together at the Intersection of Care and Discovery

By turning passion into action, our supporters become partners in preventing and eliminating cancer and infectious disease.

Financial and Operational Highlights

We continue to strengthen our organizational foundation as we look ahead to our future discoveries.

Leading the Way

Fred Hutch is a place where scientists can set their creativity free. And that requires not only well-equipped labs and scientific resources, but visionary leadership, sound finances, and a firm commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. We enter 2022 on solid footing to make the next great scientific leaps.

a gathering of Fred Hutch Chair recipients.
A gathering of recent Fred Hutch endowed chair recipients, from left, Chris Li, MD, Helen G. Edson Endowed Chair for Breast Cancer Research; Jeff Leek, PhD, J. Orin Edson Foundation Endowed Chair; Aude Chapuis, MD, John C. and Karyl Kay Hughes Endowed Chair; Ruth Etzioni, PhD, Rosalie & Harold Rea Brown Endowed Chair; Rob Bradley, PhD, McIlwain Family Endowed Chair in Data Science; and Jen Adair, PhD, Fleischauer Family Endowed Chair in Gene Therapy Translation.

Financial Summary

This financial data is for our fiscal year 2022 (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022). All figures in thousands. Review our complete financial data and impact reporting.

Operating Revenues

Fiscal Year

Total: $1,225,335
Graph of operating revenues for fiscal year 2022
navy circle

Contracts and Government Grants
$630,648 (51.5%)

bright blue circle

Patient Services
$269,929 (22.0%)

yellow circle

Gifts and Philanthropic Grants*
$87,151 (7.1%)

warm purple circle

Investment Income
$170,900 (14.0%)

teal circle

Other Income
$66,707 (5.4%)

Sources of Philanthropic Contributions

Sources of philanthropic contributions for fiscal year 2022
navy circle

Philanthropic Grants

bright blue circle

Gifts from Individuals

yellow circle

Planned Gifts

warm purple circle

Corporate Gifts

teal circle

Fundraising and Community Events

Operating Expenses

Fiscal Year

Total: $1,077,504
Graph of operating expenses for fiscal year 2022
navy circle

Program Services and Research
$725,081 (67.3%)

bright blue circle

Management and General
$117,907 (11.0%)

yellow circle

$14,430 (1.3%)

warm purple circle

Program Services, Clinical
$220,086 (20.4%)

*Reflects funds expended, per GAAP standards. 

Awards and Honors

Our faculty and clinical staff received more than 60 awards and honors. Additionally, dozens of postdocs and graduate students received research fellowships and awards. 

Fred Appelbaum, MD
Metcalfe Family/Frederick Appelbaum Endowed Chair in Cancer Research, received ASTCT’s lifetime achievement award.

Melody Campbell, PhD
Named a Pew Scholar.

Maria Toro Moreno, PhD
Named a Hanna H. Gray Fellow.

Larry Corey, MD
Received the Alexander Fleming Award from the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Connect With Our Community

Image of a microscope with the title "Science Says"

Opportunities to Learn More

From cancer survivorship sessions to biostatistics seminars to our Science Says virtual events, there are weekly opportunities to engage our experts. Check out our events page to find out more about dynamic conversations, ask questions of our scientists and gain insights that will help you make informed decisions about your and your family's health.

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