Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award

The Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award recognizes outstanding achievement during graduate studies in the biological sciences.

Fred Hutch established this annual award to honor the bold, creative, pioneering spirit embodied by Hal Weintraub. Weintraub also earned deep respect and admiration as a caring mentor and supportive colleague.

Nominations are accepted annually between October 1 and December 15.

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Weintraub Graduate Student Award

Awardees will participate in a scientific symposium honoring Weintraub and his commitment to innovative science. The award symposium will take place May 6, 2022, at Fred Hutch's Robert W. Day Campus. The symposium will consist of scientific presentations by the graduate student awardees and informal gatherings of students and faculty.  

A committee consisting of Fred Hutch faculty and students will select up to twelve awardees from the nominations on the basis of quality, originality, and scientific significance, as well as to represent a diverse range of research topics. Expenses will be covered by the Weintraub/Groudine Fellowship for Science and Human Disease, established to foster intellectual exchange through the promotion of programs for graduate students, fellows and visiting scholars.

Submit your Nomination

Only one nomination may be submitted per department or program.

Since the awardees will present their thesis work at the Weintraub Symposium, we envision them as advanced students near the completion of their studies. Ideally, students should not have completed their thesis before September 2021.  However, due to differences in research topics and programs, the most qualified students may have already completed their thesis.

Nominations should be submitted by the Chair/Head of the Department/Program or their designee.

Information needed before submission for all applicants:

  • Nominator name, address, email, and telephone number
  • Mentor name, address, email, and telephone number
  • Student nominee name, address, email, and telephone number

Information needed from student's mentor:

  • Letter of recommendation, formatted as a PDF file
    (Please use single spacing, Arial font or similar, and 11pt minimum font size.)

Information needed from student:

  • Student Curriculum Vitae, using template provided (saved as a PDF): Text | MS Word | RTF
  • Summary of thesis research, using template provided (saved as a PDF): Text | MS Word | RTF

The Selection Committee will notify all nominees about their status by February 28, 2022.

Please address questions regarding this award or the symposium to Susan Parkhurst.

Deadline for 2022 nominations is Dec 15, 2021.

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Current Weintraub Award Winners

Amin Aalipour, Stanford University

Amin Aalipour, Stanford University

Januka Athukoralage, University of St Andrews

Januka Athukoralage, University of St Andrews

Lindsay Cameron, UC Davis

Lindsay Cameron, UC Davis

Grace Johnson, MIT

Grace Johnson, MIT

Lyle Kingsbury

Lyle Kingsbury, UCLA

Malinda McPherson

Malinda McPherson, Harvard University

Dasha Nelidova

Dasha Nelidova, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

Shayan Shamipour

Shayan Shamipour, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Eric Song

Eric Song, Yale University

Katherine Susa

Katherine Susa, Harvard University

Mengni Wang,

Mengni Wang, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Emma Wrenn

Emma Wrenn, Fred Hutch

Lynn Yap

Lynn Yap, Harvard University

Past Four Years of Weintraub Award Winners


2020 Recipients

Adrian Baez-Ortega, Univ. of Cambridge .Lou Beaulieu-Laroche, MIT . Andrew Butler, New York Univ. .Victoria Deneke, Duke .James Eaglesham, Harvard .Nandan Gokhale, Duke .Rose Hill, UC, Berkeley wRebecca Moore, Princeton .Paul Muller, Rockefeller .Anete Romanauska, Med Univ. Vienna .Akanksha Thawani, Princeton .Christopher Zimmerman, UCSF

WGSA 2019 Awardees

2019 Recipients

William Allen, Stanford University . Adair Borges, University of California, San Francisco . Ava Carter, Stanford School of Medicine . Yiming Chen, University of California, San Francisco . Adam Dingens, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center . Kiara Eldred, Johns Hopkins University . Courtney Ellison, Indiana University . Bramwell Lambrus, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine . Daniel Montoro, Harvard Medical School . Sofia Quinodoz, California Institute of Technology . Alexandra Walls, University of Washington . Greg Wyant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Stephen Zhang, Harvard Medical School

2018 Weintraub Award Winners

2018 Recipients

Nicholas Bodnar, Harvard Medical School • James Byers, Stanford University • Lillian Cohn, The Rockefeller University • Eric Dang, University of California, San Francisco • Fahim Farzadfard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Danielle Grotjahn, Scripps Research Institute • Kamena Kostova, University of California, San Francisco • Adam Larson, University of California, San Francisco • Jackson Liang, Stanford University • Claudio Morales-Pérez, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center • Annika Nichols, Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna • Niladri Sinha, University of Utah • Katherine Xue, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Weintraub 2017

2017 Recipients

Thomas Bartlett, Princeton University • Lynne Chantranupong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Raphael Cohn, The Rockefeller University • Kelsie Eichel, University of California, San Francisco • Qing Feng, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Cent • Isha Jain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Daniel Lin, California Institute of Technology • Lucy Liu, Baylor College of Medicine • Siew Cheng Phua, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine • Dheeraj Roy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Sukrit Silas, Stanford University • Christoph Thaiss, Weizmann Institute • Candice Yip, Harvard Medical School

For a list of previous awardees 2001-2016