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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center treats each patient with the best care possible. Sometimes, that involves a clinical trial. 

Our Phase 1 clinical trials offer an option to people with advanced cancer when conventional treatments no longer work. These trials, which study innovative new therapies in people for the first time, are critical to future patients, who may benefit from today’s breakthroughs, and to the health care industry, which is searching for tomorrow’s cures.

Leading researchers and cancer experts from Fred Hutch and the UW Medicine partner as one team devoted to your best possible outcome.

Mission Statement

The Phase 1 Program partners with patients and families to conduct-cutting edge cancer research for the advancement of science. Our clinical trial expertise allows us to inspire hope and provide compassionate care for those who face a lack of treatment options. We collaborate with our Cancer Consortium and leading industry partners to improve quality care for current and future generations.

Phase 1 Program Capabilities

Fred Hutch provides the first academic-based Phase 1 program for cancer research in the Pacific Northwest. 

Phase I clinical trials require a high level of technical and scientific competencies, like those found at Fred Hutch. Our program provides unique opportunities for correlative studies that take advantage of our consortium’s research strengths, such as world-class positron emission tomography (PET) imaging, proteomics, biomarkers and genomics cores.

Research Services We Provide

The Phase 1 Program provides a full range of research services to advance the development, implementation and successful completion of clinical trials.

  • The test agents that we study include immune-modifying agents such as antibodies to immune checkpoints, small molecules that target cancer-causing mutations, antibody/drug conjugates, agents that target the immune microenvironment and vasculature, and other targets. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to move promising agents from pre-clinical development to early-phase trials in patients with cancer. 
  • Regulatory review (such as for the safety of study participants) includes scientific committee review, radiation safety review and institutional review board (IRB) review.
  • We have experience conducting outpatient trials at Fred Hutch - South Lake Union and inpatient trials at UW Medical Center - Montlake.

Clinical Trials Unit

We created our Clinical Trials Unit with the highest level of quality and comfort for our patients. Features include:

  • A lounge with comfortable chairs, a flat-panel television and snacks to create a peaceful environment.
  • Four patient rooms where each patient can receive care in one place, with nursing staff and research coordinators close by.

The Clinical Trials Unit is open from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 10 pm. If an overnight stay is required, our patients stay at UW Medical Center - Montlake.

Phase 1 Program Team

Our highly skilled and devoted staff, nurses and physicians have extensive research experience and provide the exacting care and attention required to test potential breakthrough therapies.

John A. Thompson, MD

John A. Thompson, MD

Director, Phase 1 Clinical Trials Program, Fred Hutch
Member, Clincial Research Division, Fred Hutch
Professor, Medical Oncology Division, University of Washington
Bojana I. Askovich, PhD

Bojana I. Askovich, PhD

Phase 1, Program Administrator, Fred Hutch
Principal Research Scientist, Fred Hutch
  • Hannah Lee, CCRC, Senior Research Manager
  • Harini Ramachandran, Principal Research Coordinator
  • Olga Tsvetkova, Senior Research Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Liu, Research Coordinator
  • Catherine Ashley, Research Coordinator
  • Chi Westerhold, Senior Research Coordinator
  • LyTieng Huot, Research Coordinator
  • Amanda Ramsing-Lund, Research Coordinator
  • Audrey McCarthy, Research Coordinator
  • Morgan Kauss, Research Coordinator
  • Alise Quynh-Huong Vu, Research Coordinator
  • Fanqi Shi, Research Coordinator
  • Danika Anderson, Research Coordinator
  • Jeniece Hensel, CCRP, Senior Research Data Manager
  • Meghan Laurie, CCRP, Assistant Data Manager
  • Alice Tran, Senior Data Coordinator
  • Ella Hileman-Kaplan, Data Coordinator
  • Megan Omoto, Data Coordinator
  • Sophia Gould, Data Coordinator
  • Caroline McKewan, Data Coordinator
  • Sydney Burns, Research Study Assistant
  • Meagan Tumy, Student Assistant
  • Reina Hibbert, CCRC, Principal Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Patrick Toler, Principal Regulatory Affairs Coordinator
  • Jordan Cooper, Senior Regulatory Affairs Coordinator 
  • Sarah Beasley, Regulatory Coordinator
  • Sarah Lampert, Regulatory Coordinator
  • Rajee Pandey, Regulatory Research Assistant
  • Emily Basom, Student Assistant
  • Kaya Schroeder, Student Assistant
  • Lee Lee Lim, Business Manager
  • Cassie Kim, Study Start-up Manager
  • Gergana Bozhilova-Deneva, Budget Fiscal Analyst
  • Gurleen Chaddha, Clinical Research Operations Specialist
  • Tien Nguyen, Budget Fiscal Analyst
  • Gabriel Andres, Clinical Trials Budget Coordinator
  • Sanya Cheeti, Student Assistant
  • John Thompson, MD (melanoma and renal)
  • Evan Hall, MD (melanoma and renal)
  • Jennifer Specht, MD (breast)
  • Shaveta Vinayak, MD (breast)
  • Rafael Santana-Davila, MD (head, neck and lung)
  • Andrew Coveler, MD (gastrointestinal)
  • Gabi Chiorean, MD (gastrointestinal)
  • Michael Schweizer, MD (genitourinary)
  • Elizabeth Swisher, MD (gynecological)
  • John B. Liao, MD, PhD (gynecological)
  • Banda, MD (gynecological)
  • Ajay Gopal, MD (hematology)
  • Annie Alidina, ARNP
  • Candace Mencias, Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
  • Kim Sheppard, Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
  • Mark Samuel, RN
  • Annie Alidina, ARNP
  • Peter Phrydas, Team Coordinator
  • Alina (Gigi) Yesiki, Pilot Pharmacist
  • Sarah Geiler, RN
  • Anneliese Schuessler, Pilot Pharmacist
  • Leslie Blackwell, CORS RN
  • Teresa Mata-Cervantes, CORS RC
  • Michael Peters, Senior Lab Manager
  • Josh Willard, Laboratory Scientist
  • Tim Johnson, Laboratory Scientist
  • Madhu Raman, Student Assistant
  • Minh Ramert, Clinical Trials Unit/ Acute Care Evaluation (ACE) Clinic Nurse Manger
  • Kimberly Ito, Clinical Trials Unit Nursing Supervisor 
  • Anna Stewart, Clinical Trials Unit Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Nikki Mendoza, Clinical Trials Unit Clinical Trials Coordinator 
  • Rey Bonus, Clinical Trials Unit Clinical Trials Coordinator 

In Memoriam
Dana Snyder, CCRC, Senior Research Coordinator

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