Neelendu Dey, MD


Neelendu Dey, MD

Assistant Professor
Translational Science and Therapeutics Division, Fred Hutch

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Dr. Neelendu “Neel” Dey is a physician-scientist who studies how the microbial communities residing in our intestinal tracts — the gut microbiome — influence health and disease. His research lab seeks to develop microbiome-based strategies for preventing and treating cancer.

Other Appointments & Affiliations

Assistant Professor
University of Washington Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center


2007-2011 Fellow in Gastroenterology, University of California, San Francisco

2006-2007 Resident in Internal Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

2005-2006 Intern in Internal Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

2000-2005 Yale University School Of Medicine (MD)

1996-2000 Harvard University (BA in Biochemical Sciences)

Current Projects

The Dey lab is characterizing how the gut microbiota interfaces with the host to regulate physiology (e.g. gut motility) and pathophysiology (e.g. colorectal cancer), with an initial focus on how bile acids (and differential bacterial bile acid metabolism) mediate these effects.

Clinical Expertise

Gastroenterology: gastrointestinal cancers, inflammatory bowel diseases

Internal Medicine

"Once we injected my interest in science and medicine with this emotional connection, it became much of a different situation. I wanted to know in the short term what I could do to impact disease care."

— Dr. Neelendu Dey

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