Antibody Technology

Monoclonal Antibody Discovery for Research, Therapeutics and Diagnostics

Since our inception in 1995, Fred Hutch’s Antibody Technology shared resource has worked with research teams inside and outside the Hutch to design campaign strategies for the generation and identification of novel monoclonal antibody compositions. Our projects encompass a range of applications in oncology, viral therapeutics and diagnostics.

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Antibody Discovery

We offer full-service discovery, from target gene to antibody, in multiple host species, including mice, rats and hamsters. We use both traditional and DNA-based immunization strategies.   

Discovery Services
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Antibody Production

We can affinity purify up to 500 mg of research-grade IgG from serum-free hybridoma cultures.

Production Services
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Antibody Characterization

Our characterization services include isotyping, variable domain sequencing, recombinant antibody validation, Western blot screening and high-throughput kinetics via Carterra LSA surface plasmon resonance.


Characterization Services

Our Team at Work

We work with research teams to meet each project’s specific objectives. Guided by our team’s more than 65 years of combined experience and our commitment to scientific excellence, we will assist you in designing and executing the appropriate strategy for producing the reagent you need.  


Campaigns Annually
These campaigns span antibody discovery, production and characterization.


Hybridoma Lines
Many lines we’ve developed are under patent filings or used commercially.


Licensed Lines
Dozens of hybridoma cell lines we’ve developed have been licensed.

How to Reach Us

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David Jellyman

Director, Antibody Technology shared resource

For service requests or other questions: Please submit an inquiry.

Phone: 206.667.4207
Work Location: E1-309