Shared Resources Cores

Supporting Breakthrough Science

Every investigator at Fred Hutch has access to shared facilities and cutting-edge technologies and expertise that can help speed the process of discovery — and that few individual labs could afford on their own. This multimillion-dollar infrastructure is also accessible to members of the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium, academic and industry research partners, and some other external clients. Cores within Fred Hutch Shared Resources, the Consortium's Cancer Center Support Grant, and Fred Hutch scientific divisions are staffed by experts who can help investigators design experiments, choose the most suitable tests and equipment, create customized tests and software tools, and analyze experimental results. In all, they offer dozens of services in addition to access to equipment and tools.



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Shared Resources Cores 

* = Core is supported by the Cancer Center Support Grant

A photo inside a robotic system in a scientific setting

Antibody Technology*

Internationally recognized team that offers novel monoclonal antibody discovery, production and characterization services. 

A stitched confocal image of the human maternal-fetal interface

Cellular Imaging*

Provides light microscopy services that support both basic and preclinical projects.

Photo of a technician working at a laboratory station, viewed from behind

Comparative Medicine*

Enables high-quality science that proceeds with maximal efficiency, care and regulatory compliance.

Photo of a technician in front of a computer performing electron microscopy service

Electron Microscopy*

Offers electron microscopy services to resolve structures from cellular ultrastructure to molecular interactions.

Image of Technicians hands holding a glass side and tweezers over a dish of clear liquid

Experimental Histopathology*

Provides a range of histology, histochemistry, immunochemistry and pathology services for human tissues and model organisms.

Image of complex multi-laser light

Flow Cytometry*

Offers top-of-the-line cell analysis and cell-sorting services, from single-laser benchtop analysis to mass cytometry and complex multi-laser cell sorts.

Image of a technician sitting at a lab screening station

Genomics & Bioinformatics*

Provides integrated support to generate and analyze genomic data from DNA array, genetic analysis and high-throughput screening methods.

Image of Hi-C visualization of the three-dimensional architecture of genomes

Hutch Data Core

Helps investigators integrate, interpret and explore large and diverse datasets, drawing on deep expertise in computational biology, software engineering and cloud architecture. 

Image of a technician sitting at a computer performimg immune monitoring

Immune Monitoring*

Supports studies of cellular immunity, including assays of cell populations and responses in clinical trials.

Multiphoton microscope objective focused over fluorescent solution

Preclinical Imaging*

Provides state-of-the-art in vivo imaging technology and infrastructure to support basic and preclinical studies.

Photo of technician working at a preclinical modeling station

Preclinical Modeling*

Supports the development and maintenance of preclinical mouse models, including xenografts and genetically engineered mouse models.

Photo of technicain in front of a computer writting in a notebook

Proteomics & Metabolomics*

Provides mass spectrometry and high-performance liquid chromatography services for the analysis of proteins and peptides, including metabolomics studies.

Photo of technicain processing specimens and taking notes

Specimen Processing & Research Cell Bank

Processes blood, urine and buccal specimens, and offers DNA extraction and fingerprinting, specimen storage and B cell tissue culture.        

Photo of technicain at work station examing Therapeutic Products

Therapeutic Products Program*

Offers development and manufacturing expertise for novel biological molecules and cell-based therapies for preclinical studies and Phase 1/2 clinical testing.

Additional Cancer Center Support Grant Cores 


Provides collaborative statistical support to investigators and research projects, primarily clinical trials.

Collaborative Data Services

Comprised of cores in programming, data control and interviewing, and provides ancillary services in support of research.

Prevention Center

Houses a state-of-the-art exercise facility, a human nutrition lab and a clinical facility that provides a variety of services for prevention-oriented clinical studies.


Provides a broad range of metabolomics services including sample analysis, data analysis, interpretation, training and workshops.


Connects well-characterized research biospecimens to research projects aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Translational Bioimaging Core

Provides state-of-the-art preclinical imaging equipment, including for MRI, PET, ultrasound and optical imaging.

Divisional Cores 

Co-operative Center for Excellence in Hematology

Provides services in hematopoietic cell procurement and processing, clonal tracking, and model organism development.

Cellular Bioenergetics

Maintains and runs a Seahorse X24 extracellular analyzer instrument for monitoring the bioenergetic state of cells in tissue culture.

Clinical Research Support

Provides programming, data entry and control, multilingual interviewing and other services to support clinical research and enable regulatory compliance.


Provides patient data access and consulting to population-based cancer studies and access to population-based data collected by the Cancer Surveillance System.

Molecular Design and Therapeutics

Offers expertise in biologics design, preclinical protein production and other support in protein engineering and expression.

Nutrition Assessment

Provides comprehensive support to investigators who include dietary assessment in their research protocols.

Specialized Pathology

Offers tissue microarray construction and analysis services and pathology review of solid tumor specimens for research purposes.

Vector Production

Assists in the design, construction and production of gammaretroviral, lentiviral and foamy virus vectors.