Immune Monitoring

Characterization of Immune Responses

The Immune Monitoring shared resource supports investigators seeking precise evaluations of immunologic responses in both basic and early-stage clinical research settings. We provide users with resources and expertise to evaluate cellular immunologic processes and responses through reagents, cytokine analysis, molecular and cellular assays, instrumentation and research-consulting services.

Immune Monitoring

Resource services include production of peptide-MHC Class-I tetramers, molecular assays for T-cell receptor-related analysis, and cellular assays for characterizing cellular immune functions. We work with investigators developing engineered T cells for Phase 1 clinical trials and also provide instrumentation support and technical trainings.

Our Team at Work

Our expert staff enables investigators to generate consistent, timely immunologic data. We continually expand our offerings and work with researchers to stay at the cutting edge.


Total Years of Experience
Our deeply knowledgeable team supports basic and translational science.


Cytokines and Analytes
We can measure a broad array of cytokines and immune-related analytes.


MHC Class-I Alleles
We continually grow the allele library for pMHC tetramer production.


Immunotherapy Trials in Cancer
We have also supported cord blood transplantation and other clinical trials.

How to Reach Us

Jianhong Cao, Ph.D.

Jianhong Cao, Ph.D.

Director/Senior Staff Scientist, Immune Monitoring shared resource
Phone: 206.667.6455
Work Location: S5-141