Electron Microscopy

Elucidating Biological Structures from Tissues to Amino Acids

The Electron Microscopy shared resource offers techniques that allow researchers to resolve structures from cellular ultrastructure all the way down to molecular interactions. Our expertise in EM sample preparation and imaging allows us to support biomedical and translational research. With our cryogenic electron microscopy, or cryo-EM, technologies and services, the core brings a new structural determination technique to solve difficult molecular structures at an ultrafine scale. Recent advances in cryo-EM technology and software algorithms have made it a compelling structural biology method for flexible proteins that resist visualization by other techniques.

We offer services and one-on-one training through the complexities of the electron microscopy workflow, from sample preparation to image processing. All users are supported by experienced staff members and will be granted 24/7 access to instruments after they have satisfied training requirements. Our equipment, training, and services are available to both internal and external users.

Electron Microscopy lab


We offer consultation, training and specimen preparation for transmission and scanning electron microscopy, or TEM and SEM. Our equipment includes a 120kV TEM instrument, 6610LV SEM instrument, and a large range of equipment for specimen processing. 

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Electron Microscopy lab


The core provides access to two transmission electron microscopes. We offer sample preparation and data collection services, as well as training, for users who wish to prepare their own grids, collect, and process high-resolution data. Core staff members are also available to troubleshoot challenges and consult during project development.

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Our Team at Work

Our expert staff is available for training and consultation for new and experienced EM users alike. We provide sample preparation, data collection and preliminary data processing services, and support for researchers seeking to generate and analyze their own EM data. 


Glacios TEM Images
We can collect over 5000 images per day on our Glacios TEM.


Å Resolution
The highest global FSC resolution of a sample image on our Glacios TEM.


nm thin sections
Our experienced team create ultrathin sections for TEM imaging.


nm resolution
We offer high-resolution SEM imaging of whole cells, Drosophila and more.

How to Reach Us

Theo Humphreys

Theo Humphreys

Associate Director, Electron Microscopy
Work Location: A3-205