Specialized Pathology

Providing Expertise in Pathology to Support Research and Clinical Trials

The Specialized Pathology shared resource provides state-of-the-art tissue microarray (TMA) construction for grant-funded research and clinical trials for both internal and external Fred Hutch collaborators and partners. In addition, the lab offers expert pathology review and immunohistochemistry (IHC) interpretation for TMA and whole tissue histology sections. Our services are provided by highly-trained pathologists and experienced laboratory staff.


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Services Available

tissue microarray of prostate cancer tissue

Tissue Microarray

Tissue Microarray's are constructed using the fully automated, high-capacity TMA Grand Master instrument. This precision instrument allows for extremely accurate targeting of tissues during coring. 

pathologist viewing tissue through a microscope

Pathology Review

We conduct both TMA and whole section pathology review and IHC interpretation. These services are completely customized to meet the research goals for each individual project.

Tissue Microarray Services (TMA)

Our services cover every aspect of TMA construction from design to interpretation. We use the state-of-the-art TMA Grand Master instrument which allows for the precise selection and extraction of annotated tissue regions.

  • Design: Consultative services that tailor TMA construction and testing to the research goals of individual projects
  • Construction: Standard and customized TMA construction using the fully automated TMA Grand Master
  • Testing: TMA slide preparation and staining
  • Imaging: Image acquisition of TMA slides; delivery of images through a web-based interface
  • Interpretation: Web-based TMA pathology interpretation using customizable electronic data entry forms

For TMA construction these are the questions that will be discussed during initial consultation:

  • What core diameter will be used? (0.6, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 mm)
  • What tumor type will be targeted?
  • How many replicate cores will there be for each target?
  • What cell types will be targeted? (tumor, normal, tumor stromal interface, etc.)
  • Total number of donor blocks?
  • Estimate number of total cores
  • Will the TMA's be used for CODEX testing? TMA’s that will be tested via CODEX require a specific grid configuration.
  • Will the Specialized Pathology lab perform the HnE annotation for core targeting?
  • Are the HnE's scanned or should scanning be included in the quote?
  • What control tissues will be included in the TMA, and will they be provided by the researcher?

Pathology Review

Pathology review and IHC interpretation for both TMA's and whole sections are provided by highly qualified and trained pathologists. Our pathologists maintain a high-level of expertise and understanding of current clinical research protocols.

Accessing Our Services

Our services are customized to meet the specific requirements for each individual project. Please contact Liz Donato to discuss how our lab can support your project and for pricing information.

Contact Us

Liz Donato, M.T. (ASCP)

Senior Project Manager
Phone: 206.667.4501
Work Location: Thomas Building D2-105