Genomics & Bioinformatics

Generation and Analysis of Genomic Data

The Genomics & Bioinformatics shared resource provides an integrated, streamlined and expertly supported set of services that encompass experimental design, data generation and data interpretation. Expert genomics and bioinformatics teams are available to consult and collaborate at every step of the process and work closely together to develop optimized experimental strategies to ensure that appropriate technology and data analysis tools are used to address each unique scientific question

Genomics Specialists Phil Corrin and Merari Santana-Carbajal performing autoCut&Run on the Biomek i7


The genomics team provides expertise to support the generation of genomics-based data. Our specialized labs and experienced staff offer a full suite of genomics services and are here to assist at every step, including technology selection and experimental design.

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Our bioinformatics specialists are dedicated to assisting researchers with processing, exploring and understanding their genomics data. We help users solve novel problems and are continually working to bring new tools and capabilities to the Hutch.

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Our Team at Work

We provide a seamless experience that encompasses all phases of technology selection, experimental design, sample quality control, data generation and analysis. Read more about working with us on our How We Work page. Learn more about the in-depth support that our team offers in this case study of new genomics technology development.

How to Reach Us

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Campus

Alex Zevin, PhD

Director, Genomics
Phone: 206.667.3678
Work Location: DE-740
Fred Hutch Campus

Matt Fitzgibbon

Director, Bioinformatics
Phone: 206.667.2969
Work Location: M1-A107