Flow Cytometry

Advanced Flow Cytometry and Mass Spectrometry

The Flow Cytometry shared resource stays at the leading edge of technology. Close ties to industry allow us to offer users early access to new reagents and instrumentation. We help users realize a range of experimental goals, from fully sterile cell sorting for therapeutic applications to whole-cell mass spectrometry, diagnostics and early-stage clinical trials.

Expert staff members consult at every step of the process, from experimental design — aiding scientists on panel design, and marker and color choice — to data analysis and troubleshooting. As the only flow cytometry facility in the Pacific Northwest that provides therapeutic cell sorting, we collaborate closely with Fred Hutch’s Therapeutic Products Program to support the isolation of cells for Phase 1 clinical trials of cellular immunotherapies.

Flow Cytometry and CyTOF

Flow Cytometry offers top-of-the-line cell analysis and cell-sorting services, from single-laser benchtop analysis to mass cytometry and complex multi-laser cell sorts. We offer help with experimental design as well as technical assistance for data evaluation and interpretation. Our mass spectrometry services support users seeking high-parametric data of whole cells.

Our Team at Work

We support users at every step. Our staff consults on panel design and instrument choice, assists with instrument use, provides in-depth training and helps troubleshoot.


Our lab houses an array of contemporary and cutting-edge instruments to meet our users' diverse needs.


Imaging Detectors
Our BD FACSDiscover S8 imaging cell sorter allows real-time sorting with spatial and morphological cell attributes.


Our CyTOF and full spectrum cytometers push the limits in high-parameter single cell analysis.


Our facility has an impressive user base composed of both internal and external customers.

How to Reach Us

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center campus

Flow Cytometry Lab

Phone (Thomas Building): 206.667.6195
Phone (Steam Plant Building): 206.667.1221
Email: flowcytometry@fredhutch.org