Cellular Imaging

State-of-the-Art Light Microscopy

The Cellular Imaging shared resource at Fred Hutch provides advanced light microscopy services for biomedical and translational research. Our expert staff provides a complete workflow, including training for independent, 24/7 work in the core; assistance and technical support in microscopy techniques and their application; and tailored quantitative image analysis. We also offer training and support for imaging and analyzing gels and blots. We work with Fred Hutch users as well as external users from academia and industry.

Fred Hutch and Leica Microsystems have combined efforts to establish a Leica Center of Excellence in the Cellular Imaging core in support of a mission to drive new discoveries and insights from scientific research performed using the imaging systems.

Exp 53 Ms 14 VT Region 001 Uterus Highlight. Veronica Dave from Jennifer Lund lab and Martin Prlic lab

Light Microscopy

We offer a range of state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, and expertise in light microscopy. Our instruments include systems for incubator microscopy, automated image-based screening, confocal microscopy, 3D light-sheet microscopy, and super-resolution microscopy.

Image by Veronica Dave, Lund Lab and Prlic Lab, Fred Hutch

Light Microscopy Services
Image Analysis

Image Analysis

Cellular Imaging offers support and training in image analytics with the deployment of multiple workstations equipped with open-source and commercial software dedicated to image processing, quantification and visualization. We also build personalized image analysis pipelines and algorithms for processing high-content datasets or complex imaging experiments.

Image by Andrea Doak, Cheung Lab, Fred Hutch

Image Analysis Services
Gel and Blot Scanning

Gel and Blot Scanning

We train and support gel and blot imaging and analysis using visible and infra-red wavelength scanners. Our equipment is well-suited for routine Western blot imaging and specialized fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and phosphor screen imaging.

Image by Cellular Imaging staff, Fred Hutch

Gel & Blot Scanning Services

Our Team at Work

Our staff are experts in the use and application of technologies for light microscopy in biomedical research. Our team provides comprehensive project consultation; completely assisted technical support in sample preparation, imaging and analysis; and personalized training to users who wish to become expert, independent microscopists.

Are you interested in hearing about the onsite microscope demos, seminars, workshops, and equipment updates? We welcome you to the Cellular Imaging community on Microsoft Teams called “Cellular Imaging Users”. Join on Teams or email imaging@fredhutch.org to be added. 


frames per second
Our Andor Dragonfly spinning disk confocal support fast live cell imaging.


light microscopes
Our systems include wide-field, confocal and super-resolution microscopy.


nm resolution
Our Leica SP8 instrument offers STED super-resolution imaging.

How to Reach Us

Lena Schroeder, Ph.D.

Lena Schroeder, Ph.D.

Associate Director