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Light Microscopy

Our light microscopy, or LM, facility offers investigators an extensive set of microscopy services equipment for LM imaging and analysis and world-class expertise. Our experienced team offers investigators consultation, training and services in all LM modalities.


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Fluorescence Microscopy and Brightfield Microscopy

We have an extensive set of microscopy instruments including widefield microscopes, incubator microscopes, a digital slide scanner, a high-content reader, a confocal microscope, a super-resolution microscope and light sheet technologies.

Our team can provide you with consultation, training, development or assisted sessions.

Fluorescence microscopy and brightfield microscopy image
Image by Cellular Imaging staff
Reagent Repository

Having sample-related items available in our imaging core facilitates and accelerates research. We offer a selection of microscopy reagents, including dyes for live cell imaging and secondary antibodies for STED microscopy in convenient quantities.

Please inquire for our current inventory.

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Widefield Microscopy

Nikon Eclipse E800 is an upright fixed-stage microscope, suitable for collecting 2D images (no stacks) in transmitted light and/or fluorescence mode.

DeltaVision is a versatile widefield imaging microscope with 3D deconvolution functionality.

Nikon Live is a widefield fluorescence microscope system as well as a transmitted light imaging system in DIC and phase contrast modes. The microscope is primarily used for time-lapse imaging of living samples.

Nikon TIRF/STORM is a widefield fluorescence and total internal reflection fluorescence, or TIRF, microscope with super resolution (also called N-STORM). 

Widefield microscopy image
Image by Elizabeth Steenkiste, Cooper Lab, Fred Hutch
Incubator Microscopy

Incucyte (S3 and Zoom) is an incubator microscope system for long-term, live-cell imaging.

Incubator microscopy
Image by Cellular Imaging staff
Digital Slide Scanner

Our TissueFAXS system is an automated digital pathology system/slide scanner for the imaging of histology slides and multi-fluorescently labeled slides, including large tissue sections and tissue microarray slides.

Digital slide scanner image
Image by Kimberly Smythe, Pollack Lab, Fred Hutch
High-Content Reader

Our Molecular Devices ImageXpress is a dedicated microscope with confocal ability for the automated imaging and analysis of samples in multi-well plate format, and it is specifically designed for high-content analysis and for image-based screening applications.

High-content reader image
Image by Jessica Wagoner, Polyak Lab, University of Washington
Confocal Microscopy

Our Leica SP8 is a versatile confocal imaging platform with stimulated emission depletion, or STED, super-resolution capability.

Our Zeiss 780 is a confocal microscope with super-resolution capability and multi-photon excitation.

Light Sheet Microscopy

Our LaVision Ultramicroscope II light sheet system is used for 3D imaging and analysis of entire biological systems using a “sheet” of laser illumination.

Light sheet microscopy image
Image by Wiley Analytical Science

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