Gel and Blot Scanning

Gel and Blot Imaging and Analysis

The Cellular Imaging core offers access to visible and infra-red wavelength scanners to enable imaging and quantitative analysis of gels and blots. Our equipment supports routine Western blot imaging and specialized fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and phosphor screen imaging. We provide scanning and analysis services as well as training for users who wish to image and analyze their own blots.


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To schedule gel scanning services with the Cellular Imaging shared resource, or to get more information about how we can work with you, contact us:

Location: Thomas Building DE-512


Quantitative Gel and Blot Imaging and Analysis

We have laser-based scanners for imaging and quantitative analysis of gels, blots and plates. Standard applications include Northern, Southern and Western blots, as well as In-Cell Westerns and phorphor imaging. We offer Image Quant TL and Image Studio Lite software for quantitative analysis of your gels and blots. 

Our team provides training for all first-time users. Upon request, we can scan and analyze your blots.


Quantitative gel and blot imaging and analysis image
Image by Cellular Imaging core staff
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Gel and Blot Imaging

Our GE Typhoon Trio is a multimode scientific scanner for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and phosphor imaging using visible and near-infrared lasers.

Our Li-cor Odyssey near-infrared scanner is a scientific fluorescent scanner for gel, blot, plate and slide imaging using infrared lasers. It is located at both DE-341 and A1-182.

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