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Acknowledgements for Grant Writers 

Investigators who are writing grant applications and need a description of the Cellular Imaging shared resource can find options below. Descriptions of the overall Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Shared Resources program are available on the main Shared Resources grant information page

Publications by Cellular Imaging staff and grant awards to the core are listed below.


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Citations & Statements

All publications, press releases, or other documents that cite results from CCSG-supported research must include acknowledgement of the grant and maintain compliance with NIH Public Access Policy. All manuscripts accepted for publication must be submitted to PubMed Central and be assigned a PMCID. Additionally, please reference the Research Resource Identifier (RRID). RRIDs are assigned to cores to help researchers cite key resources in the biomedical literature to improve transparency of research methods.

“This research was supported by the Cellular Imaging Shared Resource, RRID:SCR_022609, of the Fred Hutch/University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Cancer Consortium (P30 CA015704).”

Additionally, we would like to thank the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Cellular Imaging Shared Resource for assistance with microscopy and image analysis.

*Highlighting specific staff members is a great way to acknowledge personalized support.


Required Statement for MJ Murdock Charitable Trust

"Acknowledgement of the use of instruments acquired through other funding mechanisms, e.g. M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, NIH S10 Shared Instrumentation Grant."

Cellular Imaging Shared Resouce Grant Descriptions


Short Grant Description

The Cellular Imaging shared resource provides researchers with customized light microscopy support. Staff support the entire imaging workflow including microscope selection, training, independent use, and image analysis on our widefield, confocal, and super-resolution microscopes.


Long Grant Description

Cellular Imaging is a comprehensive microscopy facility which supports fundamental and preclinical projects. Staff members work directly with investigators from experimental design and instrument selection through data analysis. The team enables researchers to visualize biological structures at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organism level.

The Cellular Imaging core facility supports imaging capabilities including brightfield imaging, widefield and confocal fluorescence imaging modalities, lightsheet microscopy, and super-resolution microscopy. Types of services can include time lapse imaging, image-based screening, photoconversion, laser ablation techniques, multi-photon microscopy, FRET, and FRAP. In addition to imaging support, staff work with researchers to develop image analysis workflows using commercial software or custom-written code.

Publications Made Possible by Cellular Imaging

Our services and technologies have made possible many high-impact publications, such as the following: