Experimental Histopathology

Expertise in Anatomic Pathology Technologies

The Experimental Histopathology shared resource uses techniques such as routine and special staining, immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH), spatial transcriptomics, and digital pathology in support of internal and external investigators who rely on histological analysis to solve complex questions across a broad range of basic, translational and clinical research.

Person using a piece of lab equipment to slice a formalin-embedded tissue sample into thin sections


Our comprehensive histology services range from routine processes to specialized procedures. We can also provide custom solutions through consultation with our experienced technologists. 

Pictured above: FFPE sections

Histology Services
A female lab worker loading slides on an autostainer


We offer a complete set of services in IHC, ISH and fluorescent multiplex IHC/ISH. We carry out routine protocols and specialized procedures and can provide custom solutions following consultation with our expert team.

Pictured above: Slides being loaded on an autostainer

IHC/ISH/Multiplex Services
Male technologist at a computer workstation with large microscope, performing image analysis

Digital Pathology

Our services in digital pathology include brightfield and fluorescent slide imaging, digital image analysis, and training in these modalities.

Pictured above: Technologist performing image analysis

Digital Pathology Services

Our Team at Work

Our services range from core histology processes to custom multiplex IHC and ISH assay development. Whether you need routine H&E staining on a few slides or the development of an 8-plex mIHC panel, our expertise and commitment to quality ensure the highest level of data integrity from your samples. 


Antibody Protocols
We have over 500 antibody protocols.


Stains Per Section
Opal multiplexing technology allows us to detect up to eight markers of interest on a single specimen.


Cores Per TMA
We can construct tissue microarrays of up to 100 cores.


Years Experience
Our staff have 230 combined years of experience in histology services.

How to Reach Us

Dr. Amanda Koehne

Dr. Amanda Koehne

Director, Translational Pathology
Work Location: D-360