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Our core is staffed by experts in immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH), and multiplex fluorescence using multiple antibodies and/or probes. We offer routine protocols in these techniques, as well as specialized procedures and custom solutions for your research needs.

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We perform IHC (using antibodies to detect certain proteins) on automated stainers for consistency on small or large projects. For the majority of our IHC protocols, we use DAB with a hematoxylin nuclear counterstain. We have hundreds of established antibody protocols on various species, and we are constantly optimizing additional antibodies.

We can perform serum and supernatant screening via IHC to identify promising clones for monoclonal antibody development. We collaborate regularly with the Antibody Technology shared resource to vet and characterize candidates for research and therapeutics.

Microscopic image of cells
Ki-67 MIB-1 on lymph node Image by Tracy Goodpaster / Experimental Histopathology shared resource

The majority of our ISH protocols (using probes to detect certain RNA) use DAB with a light hematoxylin nuclear staining on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded, or FFPE, tissue. We use ACD RNAscope reagents on automated stainers. Investigators provide us with the RNA probe of interest from ACD, and we use the appropriate positive/negative controls in order to evaluate overall tissue RNA integrity in the samples. Please contact us before purchasing probes.

Microscopic image of cells
IL10Ra ISH on liver Image by Tracy Goodpaster / Experimental Histopathology shared resource
Fluorescent Multiplex IHC/ISH

Multiplex fluorescence staining using multiple antibodies and/or probes allows for bright and specific multicolor immunofluorescence on samples. We perform staining using multiple primary antibodies or multiple RNA probes on a single slide on our Leica BOND RX autostainers. Fluorescent multiplex assays allow for simultaneous detection of up to four RNA targets on a single sample, or up to eight primary antibodies (called panels), along with a nuclear counterstain on a single sample.  

We can also multiplex IHC together with ISH.

Microscopic image of cells
Multiplex IHC on lung tumor Image by Tracy Goodpaster / Experimental Histopathology shared resource

For training on our Leica laser capture microdissection, or LCM, instrumentation, contact our LCM Specialist David Sierra to schedule a session.  

Scientific piece of equipment including microscope and computer screen
LMD6 Photo courtesy of Leica Microsystems
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