Experimental Histopathology: Rates and Scheduling

Working With Us

We collaborate with Fred Hutch investigators, Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium member investigators, and researchers from external institutions and corporations.  

 Please contact us for rates and to find out how our team can help you meet your research goals. Submit service requests or schedule time on our digital pathology equipment through the links below.

For development of new assays, please contact our team or our director to discuss how we can help you meet your research goals, rather than submitting a service request.


Submit a Service Request

Fred Hutch Investigators

Fred Hutch investigators must make service requests through HutchBase. You will receive an email confirmation when our team accepts your request.

How to submit a request through HutchBase 

External Investigators

Investigators outside Fred Hutch can request services by completing our request for services form.

Download request for services form

Scheduling Digital Pathology Equipment

Both internal and external investigators can reserve time on our digital pathology equipment through iLab after registering an account with the site. Review these instructions:

How to schedule time on an instrument in iLab

Contact Us

Dr. Amanda Koehne

Dr. Amanda Koehne

Director, Translational Pathology