Shared Resources Leadership

Marion Dorer

Marion Dorer, Ph.D., MBA

Vice President, Research Administration

Dr. Marion Dorer joined Fred Hutch in 2006 as a research associate in the laboratory of Dr. Nina Salama, studying genetic exchange and host adaptation in Helicobacter pylori. Dr. Dorer received her Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco and her MBA from the University of Washington.

Building on a range of administrative roles, including cancer center administrator, she became vice president of interdisciplinary science in 2019. She is responsible for the operations of the Integrated Research Centers, immunotherapy clinical research operations, and all the Shared Resources cores.

Dr. Dorer has 20 years of experience in laboratory and clinical research and in organizational and strategic development. In her work, she translates complex technical ideas and finds creative solutions that balance scientific and organizational priorities.

Gordon Roble

Gordon Roble, D.V.M., MBA

Associate Vice President, Shared Resources

Dr. Gordon Roble joined Fred Hutch in 2018 as the associate director of the Comparative Medicine shared resource and became the director in 2019. In 2020, he became the senior director of Shared Resources' Comparative Medicine & Translational Resources. This includes the following cores: Comparative Medicine, Preclinical Imaging, Preclinical Modeling, Antibody Technology and Experimental Histopathology. He provides oversight and direction for these cores and promotes scientific stewardship and advances. 

Dr. Roble completed his veterinary degree at Tufts University School of Medicine and his postdoctoral fellowship in Laboratory Animal Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He received his Master of Business Administration from the New York University Stern School of Business. He is a member of the Hutch’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and serves as the attending veterinarian for Fred Hutch. He has more than 15 years of experience in comparative medicine, with special interest and expertise in large and small animal models of cancer, animal welfare in translational research, disaster preparation and animal imaging. 

Jeff Delrow

Jeff Delrow, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Molecular and Cellular Scientific Resources

Dr. Jeff Delrow is an expert in the application of genomics and bioinformatics to address biomedical research questions. He has a doctorate degree in physical chemistry from the University of Washington, where he studied solution-state DNA dynamics. After a brief stint in the biosensor industry, he was recruited to Fred Hutch in 1998 to develop one of the first microarray core laboratories. He has overseen the evolution of this core and from those early beginnings, developed the Genomics & Bioinformatics shared resource, incorporating massively parallel sequencing, single-cell analytics and high-throughput screening technologies.

Dr. Delrow currently serves as the senior director of the Molecular and Cellular Scientific Resources, providing administrative oversight to a diverse portfolio of scientific support core labs that include the Genomics & Bioinformatics, Proteomics & Metabolomics, Flow Cytometry, Cellular Imaging, and Hutch Data shared resources.

Zita Mears

Zita Mears

Senior Director, Therapeutic Products Program Operations

Zita Mears joined the Fred Hutch in December of 2017, as the Director of the Cell Processing Facility (CPF) in the Therapeutic Products Program (TPP). The CPF manufactures Phase I/II GMP material in support of Fred Hutch cell therapy clinical trials. 

In 2021, Zita became the Sr. Administrative Director of TPP Operations.  The TPP is essentially a clinical products manufacturing unit at the Hutch. The TPP includes the CPF, as well as the Biologics Production Facility (BPF), and TPP Process Development and Process Engineering functions, which support the manufacturing facilities. 

Prior to the Hutch, Zita worked in Biotechnology industry for nearly 30 years, with a focus on technical operations, in GMP Manufacturing, Process Development, Process Engineering and manufacturing site oversight. 

Stuart Tenney

Stuart Tenney

Senior Director, Research Administration Finance and Operations

Stuart Tenney joined Shared Resources in January 2020 as the senior operations manager to oversee an expanding administrative, operational and informational technology team and ensure cores have the support they need to run stable business operations. Previously, Tenney was a program operations director in the Fred Hutch Clinical Research Division for 10 years with dynamic and diverse management experience overseeing several different science areas. Tenney is hands-on and committed to delivering clear direction and organized financial outlook for Shared Resources and partnering with the scientific leadership in the Research Administration.