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New Scientific Publications

Each week, Fred Hutch librarians search PubMed and Web of Science to discover new papers published by Fred Hutch authors
1 NEW Week of December 08, 2019

Connecting the dots between diet, adiposity, and cancer risk

From the J. Lampe Group and P. Lampe Lab, Division of Public Health Sciences
Science Spotlight - August 19, 2019

Exploring the human gut microbiome

Scientific interest in this diverse world of bacteria has flipped from fear to fascination
Hutch News - January 22, 2016

Low-glycemic-load foods may reduce inflammation in overweight adults

'Not all carbohydrates are created equal'; study led by Marian Neuhouser and Johanna Lampe finds a 'slow carb' diet may reduce heart disease, cancer risk
Hutch News - January 17, 2012

Newcomb named outstanding student mentor

Epidemiologist Dr. Polly Newcomb wins University of Washington School of Public Health Faculty Mentor Award
Hutch News - June 28, 2010

Lampe named outstanding student mentor

Nutritionist Dr. Johanna Lampe wins University of Washington School of Public Health faculty mentor award
Hutch News - June 15, 2009

Meals served with a side of science

Public Health Sciences Division's controlled feeding study explores connection between carbohydrates, body weight and cancer
Hutch News - October 01, 2006

Bacteria and your bones

Johanna Lampe's lab finds intestinal bacteria influence bone mineral density, may relate to breast-cancer risk
Hutch News - October 20, 2005

Soy: Effective natural HRT alternative or not?

PHS study questions the effectiveness of soy isoflavones for reducing post-menopausal bone loss, cognitive function and high cholesterol
Hutch News - July 15, 2004

DNA test exposes cancer risks

Microarray analysis helps scientists accurately measure cancer causing environmental exposures
Hutch News - April 01, 2004
Last Modified, August 15, 2019