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10 NEW September 16, 2019

Drinking after breast cancer won’t raise mortality risk, study shows

Alcohol use after breast cancer doesn’t increase your chances of dying of the disease, new study shows, but it does increase overall cancer risk
Hutch News - June 10, 2016

Phone therapy helps older women get their sleep

New study shows significant improvement in menopausal women’s insomnia after receiving simple intervention
Hutch News - May 23, 2016

Women's Health Initiative’s landmark hormone replacement research 10 years after

Seminal study found significantly higher risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer from combined hormone replacement therapy; as a result, 15,000-20,000 fewer breast cancer cases each year
Hutch News - June 25, 2012

Moderate weight loss reduces levels of breast cancer-linked hormones

Dr. Anne McTiernan finds lifestyle changes lower blood estrogen levels in overweight and obese postmenopausal women, may reduce risk of most common breast cancers
Hutch News - May 29, 2012

McTiernan, Guenthoer awarded Komen grants for breast cancer research

Anne McTiernan's $250,000 grant extends her vitamin D work; Jamie Guenthoer to develop early detection blood test with $180,000 award
Hutch News - May 29, 2012

Weight loss reduces inflammation related to cancer

Anne McTiernan-led study shows that postmenopausal women who lost at least 5 percent of their body weight reduced inflammation markers related to several cancers
Hutch News - May 07, 2012

Online guide aids breast cancer prevention decisions

Mateo Banegas, colleagues show Web-based tool successful helping women with high breast cancer risk understand medical options
Hutch News - April 23, 2012

Breast cancer: Estrogen-only pills may cut long-term risk

Led by Garnet Anderson, latest Women's Health Initiative study shows more than 20 percent reduction in cancer risk, 63 percent reduction in deaths for short-term estrogen users
Hutch News - March 12, 2012

WHI analysis links NSAID use with lower colorectal cancer mortality

PHS presentation clarifies the importance of different durations of nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drug use on risk of dying from colorectal cancer
Hutch News - October 31, 2011

‘A promising new way to prevent breast cancer’

Multinational ExCel study finds drug exemestane significantly reduces risk of breast cancer in high risk, postmenopausal women; Center among clinical trial sites
Hutch News - June 13, 2011

Diet plus exercise = more weight loss than either method alone

Randomized trial of postmenopausal women found those who combined a low-fat, low-calorie diet with regular aerobic exercise shed nearly 11 percent of their starting weight
Hutch News - April 18, 2011

Postmenopausal estrogen use brings both benefits, risks

Longer-term Women’s Health Initiative follow-up of estrogen therapy users finds reduced risk of breast cancer, decreased heart disease in younger women
Hutch News - April 11, 2011

Weight loss study needs women 50 and over

Vitamin D, Diet and Activity Study provides free gym access, expert nutrition and fitness advice
Hutch News - March 14, 2011

Osteoporosis drug may reduce breast cancer risk

Andrea LaCroix and colleagues tie lasofoxifene to 79 percent lowered overall risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women
Hutch News - November 08, 2010

Alcohol increases risk of some breast cancers

Li, Prentice study finds alcohol use more strongly related to risk of lobular cancer and hormone receptor-positive cancer
Hutch News - August 30, 2010
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