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New Scientific Publications

Each week, Fred Hutch librarians search PubMed and Web of Science to discover new papers published by Fred Hutch authors
1 NEW Week of December 01, 2019

Women’s Health Initiative conference draws researchers from around the U.S.

More than 20 years after WHI began, half of the original 160,000 trial participants are still followed, providing new information as they age
Hutch News - May 01, 2014

Women's Health Initiative’s landmark hormone replacement research 10 years after

Seminal study found significantly higher risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer from combined hormone replacement therapy; as a result, 15,000-20,000 fewer breast cancer cases each year
Hutch News - June 25, 2012

Hanash uncovers protein effects of HRT

Study links estrogen hormone replacement therapy with serum levels of proteins involved in several major body processes
Hutch News - May 04, 2009

Study: Stopping combined hormone therapy slows breast-cancer rates

Findings published by Center researchers and Women's Health Initiative colleagues support link between declining breast-cancer rates and combined hormone replacement therapy use in the United States
Hutch News - March 02, 2009

TRT treatment for male menopause

Researchers find prostate gland may be capable of buffering negative effects of testosterone-replacement therapy
Hutch News - January 01, 2007
Last Modified, August 15, 2019