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Malaria during pregnancy can alter babies’ immunity

Mothers infected with the mosquito-borne parasite during pregnancy can pass more of their own cells to their offspring and change their babies’ risk of later infection, new study shows
Hutch News - May 08, 2017

The microbiome’s murky role in pregnancy loss and complication

The same vaginal bacteria linked to promotion — and prevention — of various pregnancy complications, studies find
Hutch News - August 21, 2015

Births raise risk of ‘triple-negative’ breast cancer

Study finds the more times a woman gives birth, the higher her risk of rare, aggressive breast cancer, while never giving birth offers protective effect
Hutch News - February 28, 2011

Positive pregnancy outcomes for childhood cancer survivors

Studies find no increased risk of birth defects, but women may have greater risk of preterm, low birth weight babies
Hutch News - October 12, 2009

Time between first period, first pregnancy affects breast-cancer risk

Study finds longer interval between ages at first menstruation and first pregnancy is associated with higher risk of certain types of breast cancer
Hutch News - January 07, 2008
Last Modified, August 15, 2019