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The link between baby’s cells and mom’s disease risk

Why does mom’s risk for rheumatoid arthritis skyrocket when her baby has a gene that protects against it?
Hutch News - September 09, 2019

Giving more than birth: maternal microchimerism

- from the Nelson lab (Clinical Research Division)
Science Spotlight - May 15, 2017

Malaria during pregnancy can alter babies’ immunity

Mothers infected with the mosquito-borne parasite during pregnancy can pass more of their own cells to their offspring and change their babies’ risk of later infection, new study shows
Hutch News - May 08, 2017

A lasting Mother's Day gift -- baby's cells

Baby's and mom's cells mingle during pregnancy and those that stick around have broad impacts on health -- from cancer to diabetes
Hutch News - May 09, 2014

Hutchinson Center study finds male DNA in women's brains

Research in Dr. Lee Nelson's lab is first to show high frequency of male microchimerism in female brain; further study needed to determine medical implications
Hutch News - October 01, 2012

Stem cells from mom may treat diabetic child

Nelson Lab findings could lead to development of new treatments for type 1 diabetes and similar diseases
Hutch News - March 01, 2007

Inviting healthy intruders to stay

Stem-cell transplant specialist V.K. Gadi is on a mission to find easier, reliable, more affordable ways for physicians to diagnose and prevent cell rejection
Hutch News - February 01, 2007

Why pregnancy pauses the pain of arthritis

Nelson Lab study finds correlation between arthritis activity and serum fetal DNA concentration during and after pregnancy
Hutch News - September 21, 2006
Last Modified, August 15, 2019