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New Scientific Publications

Each week, Fred Hutch librarians search PubMed and Web of Science to discover new papers published by Fred Hutch authors
1 NEW Week of November 17, 2019

How to eat: 6 simple tips from a nutrition researcher

Dr. Marian Neuhouser, who helped create the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines, shares how she eats – and how you should, too
Hutch News - January 05, 2016

Kale Tale: How a wild cabbage erupted into trendy ‘superfood’

An old process still catapults some basic eats from chow to chic, leaving nutritionists skeptical
Hutch News - October 28, 2015

The diet dilemma

In a landscape crowded with contenders that each promise better health, how do you choose the best eating plan?
Hutch News - January 21, 2015

The diet and diabetes dilemma

Lesley Tinker's study of the effects of a low-fat diet on diabetes risk is among three reports on diabetes featured in the July 28 Archives of Internal Medicine
Hutch News - July 29, 2008

What's good for the heart may be good for the prostate

Study finds a diet high in vegetables and lean protein, and low in fat and red meat, combined with moderate alcohol use reduces the risk of symptomatic benign enlargement of the prostate
Hutch News - February 19, 2008
Last Modified, August 15, 2019