Program in Immunology

Program in Immunology

About Our Program

Advanced Approaches

We are learning how immune cells respond to disease and how to safely enhance immunity to better control, cure and potentially prevent malignancies and other serious conditions.

Research Projects / Team Leaders

State-of-the-Science in the Lab and Clinic

Fred Hutch researchers continue developing ways to make immunity-boosting therapies even more effective. They are showing these treatments can induce remissions for patients with advanced tumors and are likely to have broad utility across many cancers.  

Clinical Trials

Open For Enrollment

We are enrolling cancer patients onto clinical trials of adoptive T-cell therapies and a new stem cell transplantation approach that uses specific T-cell subsets.

Program Faculty

Leaders in the Field

Fred Hutch researchers are showing how normal immune cell responses are controlled and how to use immune cells to produce stable remissions for many patients whose cancers cannot be controlled by standard therapies.


Latest Stories

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