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Fred Hutch is at the forefront of a fundamental shift in the way cancer is treated and cured. Our researchers are developing new ways to empower a patient’s own immune system to do what it does naturally — fight disease — with potentially fewer side effects than with conventional cancer treatments.

The IIRC is dedicated to creating partnerships across Fred Hutch and jump-starting new ideas to develop the next generation of these immunotherapies for cancers and other deadly and debilitating diseases.

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Accelerating Discoveries

Dozens of our faculty collaborate via the IIRC — including clinicians and experts in immunology, bioengineering, cellular and molecular biology, synthetic biology, genomics and bioinformatics, and advanced cellular imaging.

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Our scientists are committed to translating a better understanding of the immune system into lifesaving new ways to control, cure, and prevent cancer and other serious diseases. The IIRC’s collaborative approach is evident in the scope of our research.

Dr. Geoffrey Hill leads the Immunotherapy Integrated Research Center

Advancing Our Research    

Dr. Geoffrey Hill, a leading authority on graft-vs.-host disease (GVHD) is the scientific director of the IIRC. His research addresses the role the immune system plays in initiating GVHD and rejection of transplanted cells. His lab research is demonstrating how cell-signaling molecules called cytokines direct immune cells that play critical roles in transplant outcomes. His team’s findings have led to new therapies for GVHD and helped establish new standards of care for transplant patients. With Hutch colleagues, he is now developing methods to integrate transplantation with other forms of cancer immunotherapy like T-cell therapy.   

A Foundation of Expertise

Fred Hutch's expertise in cell therapy, transplant immunology, tumor microenvironment, immune checkpoint regulation, immunogenomics, and therapeutic vaccines contributes to our advances in immunotherapy.    

Career Opportunity

We have an opening in our two-year Immunotherapy Physician Scientist Program for an M.D. or Ph.D. who is committed to pioneering major advances in medical practice through research. Applicants should be interested in an aspect of immuno-oncology relevant to the IIRC, as well as the development of therapies that modulate the immune system.

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