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Fred Hutch is at the forefront of a fundamental shift in the way cancer is treated and cured. Our researchers are developing new ways to empower a patient’s own immune system to do what it does naturally — fight disease — with potentially fewer side effects than with conventional cancer treatments.

The IIRC is dedicated to creating partnerships across Fred Hutch and jump-starting new ideas to develop the next generation of these immunotherapies for cancers and other deadly and debilitating diseases.


Accelerating Discoveries

Dozens of our faculty collaborate via the IIRC — including clinicians and experts in immunology, bioengineering, cellular and molecular biology, synthetic biology, genomics and bioinformatics, and advanced cellular imaging.    



Our scientists are committed to translating a better understanding of the immune system into lifesaving new ways to control, cure and prevent cancer and other serious diseases. The IIRC’s collaborative approach is evident in the scope of our research.    


Advancing Our Research    

Immunotherapy researcher Dr. Stan Riddell is the scientific director of the IIRC. He is a world leader in a type of immunotherapy called CAR T-cell therapy. In this approach, a patient’s T cells are genetically reprogrammed to carry a synthetic receptor called a chimeric antigen receptor, or CAR, which enables the T cells to bind to and destroy target cells.    

Pioneering Advances

A Foundation of Expertise

Fred Hutch's expertise in cell therapy, transplant immunology, tumor microenvironment, immune checkpoint regulation, immunogenomics, and therapeutic vaccines contributes to our advances in immunotherapy.    

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