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‘Movember’ tip sheet: Story ideas and experts

SEATTLE — Nov. 9, 2017 — Looking for “Movember” men’s health stories? Here’s a roundup of upcoming events and related research from the past year at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Contact the media team for more information and to connect with expert sources: or 206.667.2210.

Nov. 14 Facebook Live: Prostate cancer, prevention and personalized care

Join us for a glimpse into the breakthrough prostate cancer research conducted at Fred Hutch. The latest in our Science for Life series will break down scientific concepts and offer a chance to learn directly from a world-class @HutchinsonCenter researcher. Save the date: Nov 14, 6:30–8 p.m. PT.

What’s new in prostate cancer? 5 things to watch

Here are explainers for key areas of prostate cancer research including advanced immunotherapeutic approaches, exercise and cancer survivorship, use of genetic testing, new cancer-imaging technology, and clinical trials. 

Can lifestyle changes help reduce your risk of prostate cancer?

From how much daily exercise is recommended to healthy foods to eat and unhealthy behaviors to shed, here are tips for reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Genetic screening could help men with prostate cancer find better treatments — and alert family members to their own cancer risk

Men with metastatic prostate cancer could benefit from screening for mutations in certain genes that keep DNA error-free, including the “breast cancer” genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, according to a study led by Fred Hutch researchers.

HPV-linked cancers on the rise in men, but 9 in 10 vaccine-eligible men are unvaccinated

Human papillomavirus, or HPV, causes more cancers in U.S. men than women. Although a vaccine can prevent its effects, most men are not vaccinated. Fred Hutch researchers are studying how HPV behaves in men.

Being a man with a ‘woman’s cancer’

About 2,600 men are diagnosed each year with breast cancer. Much of what is known about treatments is based on trials of women. Fred Hutch researchers are seeking to understand how the disease differs by gender. 

Experts available to speak to media

Dr. Peter S. Nelson is identifying genes and proteins linked to the early onset and spread of prostate cancer. He’s launching a new study to find men with metastatic prostate cancer and test them for inherited mutations in DNA-repair genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2.

Dr. Andrew Hsieh is a molecular and cell biologist and an oncologist with a particular interest in prostate and bladder cancers. He studies how cells make proteins that can cause cancer; his work has relevance to precision medicine (matching the right patient with the right therapy based on biomarkers).

Dr. Jonathan Wright is an oncologist who specializes in bladder, prostate, and penile cancers. He can speak on prevention tips for prostate cancer, including exercise and nutrition. He has an ongoing clinical trial looking at how weight loss and nutrition may stop the spread of prostate cancer in overweight men.

Other resources

The National Cancer Institute’s Contact Center (based at Fred Hutch)

Prostate cancer fast facts

List of 21 prostate cancer clinical trials at Fred Hutch


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