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New Scientific Publications

Each week, Fred Hutch librarians search PubMed and Web of Science to discover new papers published by Fred Hutch authors
1 NEW Week of December 01, 2019

'Something everyone can get': New spinoff to commercialize cord blood stem cell therapies

New Fred Hutch spinoff to commercialize cord blood stem cell therapies based on work by Drs. Colleen Delaney, Irwin Bernstein
Hutch News - December 03, 2015

Expanded cord blood cells hold hope for leukemia patients

Clinical Research Division study details first successful use of expanded umbilical-cord blood units and potential for increased donor matches
Hutch News - January 18, 2010

Hastening immune-system renewal

Mari Dallas' method of increasing immune-boosting T-cells holds promise for accelerating post-transplant recovery
Hutch News - July 09, 2007

Bench-to-bedside success story

Early clinical trial successes show the amazing, lifesaving potential of Colleen Delaney's unique umbilical cord-blood transplant program
Hutch News - March 01, 2007

Boosting blood-renewing cells

Kiem Lab study finds enhancing stem cells with HOXB4 gene could speed transplant engraftment; may overcome obstacles to cord-blood transplants and gene therapy
Hutch News - August 17, 2006

Fred Hutchinson Research Center Awarded $7 Million Grant to Lead Cancer Research Initiative

Investigation is part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's $52 million global research program that seeks to find cures for blood cancers
Releases - October 02, 2002
Last Modified, August 15, 2019