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Is metastatic prostate cancer tailor-made for precision oncology?

New study shows a single biopsy could provide enough molecular information to guide individualized therapy for prostate cancer patients
Hutch News - February 29, 2016

Change in PSA level may not predict prostate cancer

Center statistical analyses show screening for PSA velocity can lead to unnecessary biopsies
Hutch News - March 14, 2011

A preliminary model for predicting malignancy

New statistical model may improve the ability to distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous breast lesions and reduce the need for biopsies
Hutch News - December 01, 2008

Even short-term combined hormone therapy use presents risks

Study finds hormone therapy appears to increase frequency of abnormal mammograms, breast biopsies
Hutch News - February 25, 2008
Last Modified, August 15, 2019