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More is not always better

New U.S. Preventive Services Task Force breast cancer screening guidelines seek to balance risk, benefit
Hutch News - January 11, 2016

Breast screening backlash

Expert who helped set the controversial new guidelines responds to confusion, criticism, questions
Hutch News - October 22, 2015

Clearing up the breast screening quagmire

The American Cancer Society releases new, more flexible guidelines. Here's what you need to know
Hutch News - October 20, 2015

A more comfortable mammogram: new technology linked to less pain, discomfort

Good communication between patients, providers also can help ease the pressure of the procedure
Hutch News - November 24, 2014

McTiernan, Guenthoer awarded Komen grants for breast cancer research

Anne McTiernan's $250,000 grant extends her vitamin D work; Jamie Guenthoer to develop early detection blood test with $180,000 award
Hutch News - May 29, 2012
Last Modified, August 15, 2019