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Proteins may predict breast-cancer survival

Markers for inflammation discovered in breast-cancer survivors are linked to survival
Hutch News - June 01, 2009

Researchers present colon-cancer findings at AACR meeting

Center researchers present findings on smoking, charred meat intake, NSAID use and colon-cancer at American Association for Cancer Research 100th Annual Meeting
Hutch News - April 27, 2009

Risky business: Mixing cancer treatment with nutritional supplements

Study finds widespread vitamin and mineral use among cancer survivors, although benefits of such use remain unclear
Hutch News - February 11, 2008

A moving message for cold season

Yearlong study shows regular, moderate exercise can boost immunity
Hutch News - November 02, 2006

Yo-yo dieting: More downs than ups

PHS study finds weight cycling may have long-term negative effect on immune function, but exercise can lessen detrimental effects
Hutch News - June 03, 2004

'Another good reason to exercise'

Study shows regular, moderate-intensity exercise reduces inflammation markers associated with increased cancer risk and decreased survival
Hutch News - April 15, 2004
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