Jonathan Sugimoto, PhD

Jonathan Sugimoto, PhD

University of Washington, 2010, PhD (Epidemiology)
Johns Hopkins University, 2002, MHS (International Health)
Calvin College, 2000, BS (Biology)

Research Interests

  • Epidemiologic studies of infectious disease transmission
  • Vaccine studies
  • Development of novel statistical methods and designs for studies of infectious disease transmission
  • Efficacy and effectiveness assessments of control and prevention strategies for infectious diseases of import to global health, including influenza, cholera, dengue, and tuberculosis

Current Projects

  • Implementation and analysis of a cluster-randomized clinical trial of influenza vaccination among 6-month to 10 year-olds in rural Senegal, with the aim of estimating total, direct, and indirect effects of the vaccine, as well as characterizing the epidemiology of influenza in sub-Saharan West Africa.  In addition, a transmission study was embedded within this trial.
  • Estimation of the transmission potential of endemic cholera within a longitudinally-followed cohort of households in urban Bangladesh; the magnitude of the within-household transmission potential is compared to the risk infection from environmental sources of exposure.
  • Estimation of the serotype-specific hazard of infection for all four serotypes of the dengue virus, using data from cohort studies in Nicaragua, Thailand, and elsewhere.
  • Design of the phase IV dengue vaccine studies
  • Development of novel statistical methods and study designs to extract more information about infectious disease transmission from outbreak investigations
  • A novel software for analyzing the transmission of an infection within clusters of cases is being integrated into the field epidemiologic response capabilities of federal and local public health agencies

Teaching Interests

  • Spatial epidemiology, advanced methods for the analysis of infectious disease transmission
  • Supervising students


Jonathan Sugimoto, PhD

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